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Gun Mayhem Instructions

A HIGH-octane shooting game that allows you to take on the AI or go up against your friends, this is Gun Mayhem! The control scheme of this shooting game is quite easy to pick up. With a little practice, you should be on your way to gun-slinging your way to victory. For basic movement, just use your keyboard's arrow or cursor keys. For shooting down your enemies until they fall off, just press the Left Square Bracket. On the other hand, if the battle is really close and you need that weapon which could tip things in your favor, throw a bomb for good measure with the Right Square Bracket. True, the controls are quite unorthodox. We are all used shooting with the mouse and its left click button in particular.

Gun Mayhem Walkthrough

Supporting up to 4 players at once; showcases well over 60 different firearms; comes with 12 different maps to fight on; and has 4 unique game modes - (1) Last Man Standing, (2) One Shot One Kill, (3) Gun Game, and (4) Duck Defense - the shooting fun NEVER stops in Gun Mayhem!

Now, let's NOT beat around the bush. Right below, you will find a walkthrough for all ten levels. And I don't think this is cheating. It still takes skill to pull off the moves in this walkthrough. Anyway, to start off, I really recommend that you use snake as your main pistol and just use whatever random gun bonus or perk when you get in the game. So why use the Snake? It's really powerful... PERIOD. However, to take full advantage of this pistol, you need to take good shots with it. The pistol is really cool as well. Now, onto the walkthrough!

Level 1: Alright, this one doesn't have to be complicated. Just aim and shoot until you win. This is a very easy level so no need to help you on this one.

Level 2: Alright, this one shouldn't be too hard as well. I recommend, however, that you angle your shots carefully. The enemy you are up against is a little faster than the previous one. The Snake pistol comes handy. A couple of well-landed shots should send your opponent down to the abyss.

Level 3: Gun Games - they are FUN and they are my favorite... PERIOD! What you need to do in this level is be very careful with your shots. If you can make it on the first pull of the trigger, go for it. While this is not a hard level per say, it can get quite frustrating in my opinion. When you run out of ammunition with your current gun, you will be knocked back to the gun below it. My advice? Take your time when aiming. The enemy here sort of sucks and you can easily dodge whatever it throws at you. Just be careful not to unload with machine guns.

Level 4: The fourth level is quite forgiving as you can be less accurate and not too careful with your shots. The reason is simple - there are 2 enemies. Apparently, the battlefield isn't spacious enough to accommodate another guy. They are easier to hit. HOWEVER, the downside is that you need to dodge more bullets. So the trick here is to jump around and dodge A LOT. The bullets come from all directions. Take care of that part and shooting them down should be as easy as pie.

Level 5: For this level, I would recommend that you get a stronger gun, BUT not a machine gun. Steer clear from it. Grab a shotgun or a sniper if you can grab one. As for a boss, he really isn't that 'bossy'. He isn't hard to take down. What you need to do, however, is run fast all the time. Always avoid those bombs. They have quite a wide range so be careful. He's not too fast though so you can unload and reload quite a bit.

Level 6: Grab a fast firing weapon. The first time I took on this level, I failed to buy such a firearm and it was hard, at least for me. A sniper rifle would also do. Anyway, what you need to do is take nice and accurate shots with your sniper. Or, you can spend the whole magazine or ammo of a machine gun on them. Just don't forget to jump around the screen. There are 2 enemies here. Let your rifle rip them apart and you win the level.

Level 7: Again, this isn't that hard of a level. Don't use machine guns if you can help it. HOWEVER, if you can grab a shotgun or a sniper, that would be sweet. The latter works best in my opinion. Take good shots at him. Be careful not to spend all of your ammunition without going anywhere. Make every pull of the trigger count!

Level 8: Now this is a REALLY tough level and I recommend that you grab a buddy. It can be an AI or a friend of yours to take on the level. You see, you need to fire at the same time together. When you do so, you will kill each other all of the time. This is where your buddy comes to the rescue. When you are taken out by the pirate, he will have no lives left. You may not have your character around BUT your friend should have lives left...enough lives to win the level.

Level 9: Keep an eye on where he lands. Do that all the time and you will get him all the time. While you don't need a buddy, it sure comes handy. Just remember to jump A LOT in this level. You should watch where he shoots from. This is where a machine gun comes handy. Rip him with it and watch him fly out of the screen. He's not too smart you see. Once you knock him off, he can't come back to the platform.

Level 10: Jump A LOT in this. Just about any gun would work in this level. HOWEVER, steer clear from SMG's and shot guns in this level. Instead, go for assault machine guns and snipers. If you have a sniper, you can jump more and fire accurately. As for the machine gun, just fire away accurately. BUT remember, do NOT unload. Just don't. After a couple of tries, you should get rid of him.