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Zombotron Instructions

Zombotron is controlled by using the keyboard and mouse. The mouse is used to aim your gun, the left mouse button shoots. The WASD keys are used to control your player. You may alternatively use the arrow keys. The Q button switches weapons, the E button is used to activate objects, the H key is used to use health packs, and the R key reloads your gun. The P and Escape keys pause the game.

Zombotron Walkthrough

Zombotron is a cartoonish shooting game that pits the player against a variety of undead enemies. The graphics are well-detailed, including the backgrounds. Carefully-arranged music and sound effects compliment the game's atmosphere. Lots of effort was put into making this shooting game the masterpiece that it is.

The objective of Zombotron is to clear all ten levels while killing various zombies. The game may be short in terms of levels, but there are various challenges to be completed, secrets to be discovered, and twelve achievements to be unlocked! You can speed through the game, but I advise taking it slow to enjoy all that the game has to offer.

Not only is Zombotron a shooting game, but it is also a platforming game with physics game elements. In many cases, you can use terrain to your advantage to kill enemies and conserve ammunition. Pushing a crate or explosive barrel off of a ledge onto an unsuspecting zombie is an elating experience, and not a single shot has to be fired! This can backfire, however, since explosions can harm you, and if you fall too far, you will take damage, so be careful.

In order to master Zombotron, it is important to analyze various situations. It is tempting to run-and-gun in a shooting game, but Zombotron rewards clever thinking. Instead of charging into the battle with your shotgun blazing, why not shoot an explosive barrel from afar with your pistol to eliminate that group of zombies? Throughout the game there are also various terminals that you may use to buy items. I advise buying armor and health packs first before buying superior weapons.

Zombotron is an outstanding shooting game where using your brain is just as important, if not more important, than using your blasters. Fans of shooting games, platformers, and puzzle games will rejoice as the genres mesh together in Zombotron!