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Zombie Trapper Instructions

Move left using 'a' or the left arrow key. Move right using 'd' or the right arrow key. Jump using 'w' or the up arrow key. Crouch using 's' or the down arrow key. Shoot using 'j' or 'z'. Switch weapons using 'q' or 'x'. Set traps using number keys 1-5. Build fences using number keys 7-0.

Zombie Trapper Walkthrough

Zombie Trapper is an entertaining and addictive zombie shooting game in which you are the sheriff of a town under attack by zombies. It is your job to fight off the zombies and protect the treasures of your town. These aren't typical brain chomping zombies, though. These are zombies on a mission. They have been sent to Oakwood - your town - to destroy the holy altars inside your town in an effort to release the 'dark seal'. Should they succeed, your town is doomed. You have to protect the altars and your town by killing all of the zombies before they can accomplish their mission. It sounds like a fairly typical zombie shooting game, but it's anything but. With excellent graphics, a wide variety of weapons, traps and fences and an interesting story, this game is, without question, one of the best zombie shooting games online. It starts off fairly easy but gets much more difficult as you progress in the game. The great thing about this game is that it isn't so frustrating that newcomers to the zombie shooting game genre will feel overwhelmed and won't want to keep playing, but it isn't so easy more experienced players will be too bored to stick it out until things get more difficult. This game is what zombie shooting games are all about - lots of fun and zombie killing action that anyone can enjoy.

When you begin in Zombie Trapper you are shown where your holy altar is. This is what you need to protect. You're also shown the doorway where zombies will be attacking from. This changes in ever level and you're not always shown where that doorway is. Make sure you look for it and are prepared to attack the zombies as soon as they appear. Taking zombies out right away is the best way to get through this game. If you allow them to get ahead of you, you're going to find it nearly impossible to catch up. This game is controlled almost entirely with keyboard hot keys so make sure you take the time to read through the tutorial. This with any experience with zombie shooting games might find it a bit difficult to get the hang of the controls in the beginning simply because the mouse isn't used to aim and shoot. Newcomers are really going to have the advantage here. It's much easier for someone to learn a new skill than to change a skill they've learned to use another way. That said, it isn't really all that difficult to pick up if you can learn to ignore your mouse and focus on the keyboard.

One of the most beneficial tools offered in Zombie Trapper is the option to build fences around the zombie entrances. This allows you a little more time to prepare for the attacking zombies later in the game. As you progress in the game, zombies get tougher and tougher and attack in greater numbers. The first fence you'll unlock is the wood fence. It doesn't take much damage so it's a good idea to buy several in case you find you need to replace them during the game. As you progress you'll unlock new fences, but if you play it right, the wooden fence should be more than enough to offer support through the first few levels. Once you unlock more advanced fences, you can use them in place of the wood fence. They'll stand up to more damage but won't be enough to protect your altar completely. To get as far as possible in the game, you'll need to use traps.

Laying traps is the best way to defend the altar against these zombies in Zombie Trapper as even more advanced weapons used with fences aren't always enough to take them out. The best strategy for making the most out of your traps it to lay strong traps on either side of all entrances zombies will be attacking through (cheaper but high damage traps like flame thrower traps and poison gas traps are great choices here). This ensures you deliver at least a little bit of damage to most of the zombies that come through all entrances. Once you have that done, lay several high impact bombs around the altar (poison gas and flame thrower bombs work here as well if you didn't purchase or haven't unlocked any of the more advanced traps) then cover the middle ground with your weapon. If you're finding that your altar is taking damage even with the entrances and altar heavily guarded by traps, position yourself to one side of the altar and keep shooting. This should keep your altar well guarded and be enough to get you to the next level.

The basic weapon you're given in Zombie Trapper will be more than enough to get you through the beginning of the game if you use traps and fences well, but eventually, you will need to buy more advanced weapons. For that reason, it's important to not spend all of the money you earn on traps and fences. Make sure you only buy what you think you'll need because you'll need to have a bit of money saved up to buy the more expensive, advanced weapons you'll need to take out zombies later in the game. It can be tough to know what you should buy, but it's really just a matter of using logic and choosing wisely. The advanced weapons are great but they'll really do you little good if you don't survive long enough to use them.

In addition to advanced weapons, fences and traps, Zombie Trapper also offers you the chance to upgrade your armor and the armor of your altar. You'll need to take advantage of both of these upgrades if you want to beat the game. Focus on upgrading your altar's armor before your own. You have the ability to dodge enemies. Your altar does not. If a zombie is able to get passed your fences, your traps and the shots you fire at it, you want to be sure your altar is strong enough to take a bit of damage. You can take a zombie attacking your altar out with your weapon, but if your altar armor is upgraded you'll have a bit more time to deal with the zombie. That's especially important if the zombie doing the attacking is one of the harder to kill zombies. Once you have upgraded your altar's armor, start focusing on yours. Upgraded armor will help you survive longer to fight more zombies.

Overall, Zombie Trapper is an excellent zombie shooting game any fan of the genre needs to play at least once. Mixing in heavy doses of action and strategy along with vivid and entertaining graphics, this game is everything you could ever want in a zombie shooting game. While it isn't the goriest game out there, it's more than entertaining enough to make up for the lack of the red stuff. Great for beginners and seasoned players alike, Zombie Trapper is a must play game no zombie hunter should miss out on.