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Rating: 4.44/5 stars (289 ratings)

Zombie Mall Instructions

Move and maneuver your hero with the WASD or arrow keys; hit the M key to mute music, the P key to pause the game, and the N key to mute sound effects. Hit the ESC twice to quit the game, and when you come across vending machines, click on them (when a hand appears) to purchase new guns and save your game. Switch between weapons with the 1-3 number keys, and once you've purchased a new weapon, make sure you buy ammo as well.

Zombie Mall Walkthrough

Zombie Mall is a shooting game that puts you in the place you'd least like to be when a zombie outbreak occurs - a broken-down, abandoned zombie mall. Or at least, it has been since the zombie outbreak has occurred. You'll be in control of the hero who has to stop the outbreak, or at least purge the mall of its undead malcontents, but you'll only have one life to do so.

And that's what makes this flash game worth playing again and again: you'll only be given one life, but there are save points through out the game - you'll be able to pick up and play this shooting game whenever you'd like. Besides being able to save your game at vending machines, you'll be able to heal your character, buy new weapons (a powerful shotgun and an ultra-fast Uzi), and ammo.

Each time you destroy a zombie, be sure to walk over where they died - there will be a small pile of coins you can pick up, and, since buying things will keep you alive, it's important to horde as much money as you can in Zombie Mall. And, even though it can be difficult to pick up money when surrounded by zombies, try holding down the left-mouse button instead of frantically clicking; it's an auto-fire option you may not know about.

Overall, Zombie Mall is a fantastic zombie apocalypse game, and for anyone who likes to play shooting games, you'll be at home here. With three different guns to mow enemies down with, and zombies that will actually shoot back at you (in some cases), this is one zombie game you won't stop playing until you've beaten it. And, with the huge amount of levels available, this shooting game will take some time to beat.