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Vinnie's Rampage : Desert Road Instructions

Select your weapon by clicking with the left mouse button. Aim your weapon with the mouse. Fire your weapon with the left mouse button.

Vinnie's Rampage : Desert Road Walkthrough

Sift Heads fans rejoice. Vinnie's back and once again seeking revenge in Vinnie's Rampage : Desert Road; an entertaining first person shooting game for those that just love to shoot stuff. While driving down a desert road with a suitcase full of money and a sense of accomplishment for completing his latest head sifting assignment, Vinnie finds his beloved Shelby under attack (the Shelby being his car, of course). Your goal here is simple; take out the thugs ramming Vinnie's car. Experience players probably aren't going to have much trouble getting through to the end of the game, while beginners will be able to get through with a little time and effort. While it isn't the most challenging action shooting game online, it is a lot of fun and is a great way to kill a little time.

Vinnie's Rampage : Desert Road gives you three excellent weapons you'll choose from to start the game; the Desert Eagle, the SPA-12 and the Uzi. Which one you choose is really up to you. If you make it through the first level, you'll be given the chance to use another weapon for the second level. If you like the original gun you chose and want to stick with it you can, but consider trying out the other weapons. The game is a little more interesting if you switch it up and play all three guns on different levels.

Vinnie's Rampage : Desert Road starts off fairly easy. You have one car and two bad guys. Take out the window first, then go for the bad guy in the passenger's seat. He's the one that will be shooting at you. With the passenger taken out, focus on the driver to end the level. If you're having trouble shooting the passenger, shooting the driver will put an immediate end to the level as it's a bit tricky to operate a car with a bullet in your head, but you won't get the extra points you would've gotten for taking out the passenger too. For beginners, shooting the driver first might be a good option and might make the game last longer, but more experienced players will love the challenge of trying to take out both.

Like most of the other Sift Heads games, Vinnie's Rampage : Desert Road offers cheats to make the game easier. With this one, there are only two cheats, but that's really all you need. To enter a cheat, choose 'password' from the main menu, type your cheat code into the box provided and click okay. You can choose to make yourself and your car invincible by using cheat code 'feross'. You can also choose unlimited ammo for all of your guns by using cheat code 'cargaiz'. While these options will pretty much ensure you beat the game, it does take a bit of the fun out of things, especially if you have a bit of experience with first person shooting games. Beating a game is great, but what good is it if there's little challenge along the way. You'll still need to have decent shooting skills, but without the threat of losing your life or running out of ammo, winning is inevitable.

Overall, Vinnie's Rampage : Desert Road is a great game if you're looking for a fun first person shooting game to kill a little time with. As you progress the game gets a bit more difficult as you have more cars to contend with. If you choose to try to get through the game without the help of cheat codes, you're going to find later levels much more challenging. That isn't really a bad thing though. try playing without the cheat codes first and see how far you can make it. When you just don't think you can get any further, try the cheat codes to get you through the rest of the way. Even though the game can be a bit on the easy side and it's fairly short, it's still a lot of fun and well worth playing.