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Vector Conflict: The Siege Instructions

Aim your shot with the mouse. Fire with the left mouse button. For continuous fire click and hold the left mouse button. Fire a rocket by pressing 'space'. Use an EMP blast by pressing 'e'. Detonate a nuke by pressing 'q'. Pause the game by pressing 'esc'. Turn left in your bunker using 'a' or the left arrow key. Turn right in your bunker using 'd' or the right arrow key. To do a 180 turn use 'w' or the up arrow key.

Vector Conflict: The Siege Walkthrough

Vector Conflict: The Siege is no easy game. In fact, because it combines mouse and keyboard controls, it's one of the more challenging retro shooting games online. Whereas retro shooting games tend to stick to the same basic controls and premise, this one is a different story. Instead of trying to fly your ship from the bottom of the screen to the top while shooting the enemies attacking you from the top of the screen, in this game, you're under attack from all directions and you'll need to make use of the radar map (located on the bottom left of the screen) is you hope to protect your bunker. Although the game can be complicated and it will probably seem overwhelming for most players in the beginning, the basic premise is actually fairly simple. You control the SOTER bunker with is an underground bunker that is under attack. There are survivors in the bunker and it is your job to protect them. The controls are where things start to get a little more complex but rest assured; you will get the hang of how the game is played if you're willing to be patient and keep playing.

Vector Conflict: The Siege offers two different modes of play, campaign mode and survival mode, and three levels of difficulty in each mode, easy, normal and hard. This allows every players to choose game options that suit their skill and experience level. Those who are new to retro shooting games like this one will want to start with campaign mode on the easy difficult setting. This way, they have a chance to get used to the controls of the game without being completely overwhelmed by enemies right away. Once they feel a little more confident, or if the easy level is too basic, try normal. More experienced players should start out in campaign mode at the normal difficulty setting. If they find it too easy, give hard a try. Regardless of what skill level you're at, this game will give you the challenge you're looking for. There are ten waves of enemies to contend with in campaign mode while survival mode is all about surviving against unlimited enemy attackers until your base is destroyed. Survival Mode is a good option for the more experienced player who is just looking for a fun game to kill some time with while trying to get a high score. Campaign Mode is great for someone looking for a level based game that has a set ending they can work to reach. Which mode you choose is up to you and whatever you're looking for from the game.

The first enemy you'll run into in Vector Conflict: The Siege is the thermal droid. These are easily killed and, although they can inflict a fair bit of damage, shouldn't be your top priority if there are other enemies you need to worry about. Talwar tanks are a different story. They're tough. They're fast. They're also armed with weapons that can fire on your bunker. Take Talwar tanks out as fast as you can to reduce the chance of them inflicting damage on your bunker. You can take out droids first simply because they move more quickly than tanks but you should only really use this method if there are several droids attacking at once. You can take out tanks with your basic weapon if you don't have any rockets left. It's will just take a little longer to do. As you progress in the game, you'll encounter more and more enemies that get tougher and attack in greater numbers. Make sure you're prepared.

One of the things that makes Vector Conflict: The Siege so complicated in the beginning, controls aside, is how much information is displayed on the screen. At the bottom left, you have your radar screen. This shows you where enemies are attacking you and how many enemies are attacking there. You'll need to turn to face those enemies to try to prevent them from getting to your base so make sure you keep an eye on that screen. At the center of the bottom of your screen you have your shield health and your bunker health. Your goal is basically to keep the bunker health from reaching zero. If it does, your game is over. At the upper right corner of the screen you have a column of four icons. The icon at the top represents resources. Use your resources to buy helpful upgrades throughout the game. Below that you have the icon that represents rockets. Rockets can take out Talwar tanks quickly and easily, but you have only a limited number so use them sparingly. Below rockets you have your EMP icon. EMP blasts are a great tool you can use any time you're feeling overwhelmed by enemies. An EMP blast will temporarily disable all of your attackers allowing you to take some of them out without taking additional damage to your base. Finally at the bottom we have the icon for your nukes. Nukes deliver a significant amount of damage to all of the attacking enemies.

Every time you beat a wave of enemies in Vector Conflict: The Siege you are taken to the upgrades screen. This is where you can spend the money you earned during the level to buy upgrades. You can buy all manner of upgrades so take a moment or two to scroll through the upgrades and see what's available. Don't buy upgrades you don't need in the beginning of the game, though. The best way to beat campaign mode in this game is to conserve your money and buy all of the upgrades you need when the enemies begin attacking in greater numbers. When you start getting attacked from all side by lots of enemies you're going to want to have as many rockets and EMPs as you can get and you're going to want to make sure you have your radar upgraded.

Overall, Vector Conflict: The Siege is one of the best retro shooting games online simply because it offers a good challenge for anyone regardless of skill or experience level. The controls take a little getting used to but it's worth it. Make sure you purchase upgrades when you need them while still conserving money and make sure you watch your radar screen to see enemies attacking from all sides and you should be able to do well in this game. Once you've beaten all ten levels in campaign mode challenge yourself to beat it at a higher difficulty level or try to get a high score in survival mode. This is an excellent game that every fan of retro shooting games need to play at least once!