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Upgrade Complete! Instructions

Use either the WASD or arrow keys to move and control your ship, press the spacebar to fire, and hold it down to auto-fire. Don't let a single enemy pass through the bottom of the screen, or else you'll have to restart. In between levels, buy new game features and add parts to your ship.

Upgrade Complete! Walkthrough

Upgrade Complete! Is a zany, off-the-wall shooting game where you're not just playing an arcade game, but upgrading it along the way, too. When the game starts out, it's not very much fun, and you'll have to score a lot of points just to make the main menu look like a real game. But, once you've upgrading a few things like the graphics, game mechanics, and simple features that every gamer takes for granted, you'll be able to upgrade your ship - and really start playing.

So, even though you're playing a shooting game, you're playing a game that features a ton of upgrades - but that's something you can tell by just looking at the name. Even though there are a ton of things to upgrade and purchase as far as the game itself goes (graphics, menus, loading screens), upgrading your ship is much more important. And it's something you should do first and foremost.

The main way you'll make money in Upgrade Complete! is by destroying enemy ships and picking up the coins they drop. Even though your ship starts out with a coin collector part, it can be upgraded, and you'll only make more money if you do so. The amount of parts you can add to your ship is limited, but you can customize these parts anyway you want, so each time you play, you're guaranteed a unique gaming experience.

Overall, Upgrade Complete! may not be a shooting game for everyone, as you have to put quite a bit of time into it just to enjoy it, but it's a shooting game nonetheless. If you like fighting off swarms of enemy ships, or clever games with unique gameplay elements, you'll love Upgrade Complete! and there's no reason why you shouldn't try to beat it in one sitting.