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Unreal Flash 3 Instructions

Shooting games - if you are looking for games that are fast-paced and action games; if you are on the hunt for games where reflexes and finger speed are paramount, this is the genre to check out. Unreal Flash 3 is played both with your keyboard and mouse. For basic movement, you will use the W, A, S, and D buttons. To walk to the left or right, just press the A or D button whichever direction you want to go to. As for ducking and taking cover, pressing the S button should get the job done. Hitting the W button, on the other hand, is for jumping. Tap it twice for a double-jump. Now let's get to the MORE exciting part - disposing your enemies with whatever you have. To fire your weapon, all you need to do is press your mouse's left click button. Your weapons, however, have secondary ammunition. Some of them launch multiple explosives; others unleash devastating laser; while your good and old pistol heals you, which is sort of surprising for something that's meant for killing. Anyway, to fire your weapon's secondary ammunition, hold down the Space Bar button and hit the left click button of your mouse. This is one of those shooting games where you can lay your hands on different weapons and firearms... storing some in your inventory. To switch weapons, you can press any of the number keys 1 to 9. BUT if you find that a little slow especially when you are in the heat of the battle, keep on pressing the Q button to cycle through your weapons until you end up with the one you like. Well, that's about everything you need to know about the controls. Now let's take a closer look at the game!

Unreal Flash 3 Walkthrough

Unreal Flash 3 - a flash-based and online shooting game that is oozing with action, explosion, and pure doses of violence... BUT one that oddly decorated with Old English designs. I don't know, I just don't see the old English lettering and design fitting in with the game's futuristic shooter theme. Anyway, I guess we shouldn't be too bothered about that no matter how lousy I think it is because this game does a good job of patching it with its intense game play, nice graphics and design, and a good amount of customization options.

The objective of the game is very straightforward: you are given a mission before starting a level and you just need to accomplish that. Usually, it involves killing a set amount of enemy units. This is especially true for the Story Mode. There are 2 game modes by the way: there's the Story Mode and the Free Mode. The Story Mode is introduced with a tutorial level where you can practice and get a hang of the control scheme. Staying here for a couple of minutes should prime you up for the MORE action-packed levels ahead. If you want to beat this game, this is the mode to go for. As for the Free Mode, it is composed of 4 Mini Games: (1) Death Match (2) Capture The Flag (3) Instagib and last BUT not the least, there's the (4) King Of The Hill.

All in all, this is one of those shooting games that are way above average. HOWEVER, as with everything, there is always room for improvement in Unreal Flash 3. First and foremost, while you have a lot of weapon slots in the game, I don't think the number of weapons available in the game is enough. Well, I guess that's just me since I'm a weapons freak. Next, while the game has a good amount of customization in it, I believe it would have done way better if it allowed you to create your own character by mixing and matching different character heads, costumes, and other body parts to make your ideal looking character. One fine example of this is 'Swords And Sandals' character creation menu. Also, if they could make the game a little longer (as I finished it less than an hour) and perhaps toss in a 'save and load' option, that would be super!

And last BUT not the least, I really hate the friendly fire. In my opinion, side-scrolling shooting games like this one aren't very suited for friendly fire. The controls and interface as well as the space - it sort of makes it easier for you to get hit by your teammates. It's not like first-person shooting games like Counter Strike where it's quite easy to get out of the way of your teammate's line of fire and his grenade's explosion. Also, the Bosses are quite overpowered. This is OK except for the last boss which, at first, it felt like it's impossible to kill. If the developer could fix these issues, that would elevate Unreal Flash 3 to a different level!

And now, we get to the part that gamers LOVE the most: the cheat codes! Some of these cheats unlock uber-powerful teams; maps you can't easily access; and some are just for the "LOLs". Have a look at this list:

Secret Team Unlocked: WHOARETHEMASTERS

Secret Map Unlocked: WHEREAMI

Matrix Mode Activated: ENTERTHEMATRIX

Play as Ironman: IMFROMIRONMAN

Play as Crash Dummy: ILOVECRASHING

Play as Mario: ITSAMEMARIO

And there you have it! Man, I can't believe you read all that. You see, reading about an exciting shooting game is nowhere near in the 'fun level' compared to actually playing it and shooting down enemy units. What are you waiting for? Dig in fellas!