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Rating: 3.5/5 stars (28 ratings)

Trickochet Instructions

Move left using 'a' or the left arrow key. Move right using 'd' or the right arrow key. Jump using 'w' or the up arrow key. Aim with the mouse. Shoot with the left mouse button.

Trickochet Walkthrough

Trickochet is an adorable and entertaining puzzle shooting game that is sure to please anyone looking for a fun game that's a little on the softer side. The puzzle shooting game genre is more or less dominated by blood, guts and gore with games that require you to shoot enemies in fantastically violent fashion. Even though those games are a lot of fun, it's nice to have an alternative and this game is an excellent one. Not only are the graphics completely 'aw' inducing, the game itself is actually quite challenging. Things start off rather simply but as you progress, it gets much, much harder and achieving your goal can become incredibly difficult. The great thing about this game is that there is no limit on how many shots you can take to solve the puzzle so if you're stuck on a level you can just keep trying. On the other hand, there is a 'par' for each puzzle. Get par and you get bonus points. Beat par and you get even more bonus points. If you're going for a high score, beating par on every level is definitely the way to get the score you're looking for. Par for each level is shown at the top left corner of the screen to the left of the shots you've taken in that level. If you're hopelessly above par but think you can do better, hit restart (at the bottom right of the screen) and try again.

Trickochet is all about angles and using everything you can use to help you hit the target to your advantage. You can bank shots off the sides, top and bottom of the screen and off almost all of the platforms in the game. In addition, unlike most puzzle shooting games, you are able to move around to get in a better position to fire your shot. You much always be on a platform though. You can jump from platform to platform, but if you fall of the edge, you'll die and start again from your starting point. You also have to be careful to avoid any spiky platforms. If you step on one of these platforms you'll die and have to start over. In addition to being bad to step on, they're also bad for your shot. Your ball will not ricochet off a spiky platform, so avoid hitting them at all costs.

As if spiky platforms were enough trouble, Trickochet also pits you against invisible platforms and targets you're only able to hit when you're falling. Figuring out where the invisible platforms is simply a matter of trial and error and paying careful attention to detail. If you're not able to see any hints, try shooting your ball randomly and seeing where it hits. That will give you a basic idea of where the platform is. If you're worried about par, reset the level once you figure out where the platform is. It might feel like cheating but sometimes it's the only way to get through a level with a decent score. The key to hitting targets you can only reach when you're falling is to position your cursor on the target and then step off the platform. Time it right and you'll hit the target. Timing is everything with these shots, though so make sure you're paying attention.

Overall, Trickochet is the type of game you can get caught up playing so if you have anything important to do, it might be a good idea to hold off on trying this one out until your done. The game can be absolutely maddening when you get to the more difficult levels later in the game, but never to the point that you feel like giving up. Even when the game is at it's hardest, it doesn't feel impossible. You know the solution is there and you want to keep playing until you find it. The fact that the graphics are adorable doesn't hurt, either. This is a game that anyone can play regardless of skill or experience level with puzzle shooting games. Beginners will be able to pick up the controls of the game rather quickly and will be able to see what is being asked of them. More experienced players will appreciate the graphics and the truly challenging puzzles presented to them. The best way to get through to the end of the game is to just pay attention to what you see in the level and envision where your ball will go after you shoot it. Imagine what angle the ball will ricochet off the wall at. In some cases, working backwards can be very beneficial. Look at the target and trace back until you're at your character. Figure out where your ball needs to end up and then figure out how to get it there. This is a game that anyone looking for a game that is entertaining and enjoyable without being a blood bath should check out.