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Think Tank Instructions

Use the arrow keys to move your tank, press spacebar to fire at enemies, and run over red bullets for faster shots. Grab all green dots (in ascending order for extra points) to complete a level, or destroy all enemy tanks to move onto the next level. Pick up a pink start for a free life; grab a green bullet for more shots each time you fire, and run over any red lightning bolt you see to upgrade your speed.

Think Tank Walkthrough

Think Tank is a shooting game that takes equal amounts of strategy and accurate, quick-witted shooting. You'll need fast reflexes and a good idea of where you're going to go - otherwise, enemy tanks will take you out first. So, you'll start out with three lives, and if you can make them last, you should have no problem making it to the later levels of Think Tank.

Each level starts out with your tank moving forward - and a line of enemy tanks coming at you. This part of the game will remind you of Pacman, but since you can shoot with your tank, and upgrade your firepower (and speed), the game plays a lot like a Bomberman title. But that's not a bad thing, at all; as you complete levels, the game will become much faster-paced, and a whole lot more fun.

There are two ways to complete each level in Think Tank. The first is the easiest and simplest, and that's just to destroy every enemy tank in the level. But, since it's easy to run into enemy tanks (and get destroyed), it's a good idea to try and collect every numbered green dot - the second method of completing each level. If you collect them in order, as well, you'll gain even more points.

With a huge array of levels to play through, Think Tank is a shooting game that will remind you of every old-school arcade game you've ever played. Levels don't get boring, but they do get harder - and in this case, it's a good thing. To anyone who likes shooting, arcade-style games, Think Tank is a flash game that's definitely worth checking out.