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Rating: 4.09/5 stars (44 ratings)

Thing Thing Arena Pro Instructions

Thing Thing Arena Pro is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. Move your character by using the WASD keys. Aim and shoot by using the mouse. Switch between weapons by using the E key. Reload your current weapon by using the R key.

Thing Thing Arena Pro Walkthrough

Thing Thing Arena Pro is the latest game in the Thing Thing Arena series of shooting games. This action game features stylish graphics, intuitive controls, and five heart-pounding stages.

The main objective of Thing Thing Arena Pro is simply to survive until the timer runs out, killing as many enemies as you can in the process to raise your score. Each level also has side objectives. Completing these objectives will earn stage achievements and increase your score. In order to unlock later levels, you will have to earn a minimum number of achievements, so it is a good idea to complete secondary objectives when you can.

There is a plethora of weapons that you can use to defeat your enemies in Thing Thing Arena Pro. Unfortunately, not all weapons are available at the beginning of this shooting game, so you are going to have to find them by searching for components that are strewn about the stages. Your starter weapons will still get the job done though. I advise you to equip the submachine gun and the shotgun as they are an efficient combination that will get you through most situations.

If you love frantic run-and-gun gameplay that focuses on action, then you will love Thing Thing Arena Pro. Whether you are a diehard fan of shooting games, or a casual gamer that just wants to kill time (and a few bad guys), you are sure to be thrilled!