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Thing Thing Arena 2 Instructions

When it comes to the controls department, there is nothing complicated about Thing Thing Arena 2. It's pretty standard as far shooting games go. Just like in the previous installments in the Thing Thing series, you need to use your keyboard for basic movement and mouse for taking care of those enemies. Use the W button for jumping, A and D for movement (forward and back), S to duck, and if you need to run, just hold on to the Shift key while pressing A and D. And of course, just aim with your mouse and press the left click button to take out the bad guys. By the way, should you run out of bullets, you can use your bare fists. Bamboozle that gunman in front of you with punches using the CTRL button. Once he's down and out, pick up the gun and use it yourself. For changing weapons, just use the F button. OK, I guess that takes care of the controls. Now let's get into the game!

Thing Thing Arena 2 Walkthrough

Shooting games - they will always be one of the hottest game genres around no matter what. Game like Sift Heads, Plazma Burst, and Thing Thing - these games will be played for the years or even decades to come. And if you are a huge fan of shooting games, Thing Thing Arena 2 is a game you cannot afford to miss! The objective still stays the same: no matter who approaches you, you got to kill them. You have been designed for it, and everyone you see on the screen is your enemy who wouldn't mind doing the "favor" if you don't.

Some warnings: while this game is fun, it's also quite bloody and violent. It continues the tradition set by the very first Thing Thing game. If you think blood being splattered on the screen is too much, then this game may not be for you. Maybe you should try something tamer... something that is less violent. HOWEVER, if you don't mind the gore and blood, and if you can't wait to have serious doses of shooting action, then this game is all FOR YOU!

Oh! I just need to remind you something: the enemies don't have guns in this game. I think this is quite double edged. Newer players whose reflexes may not be that fast and good will find the game very playable. HOWEVER, if you are someone who has played previous Thing Thing games from Diseases productions, you may find this to be some kind of a 'let down'. Anyway, this means they can't hurt you without getting close. So aside from having a good aim, keeping yourself at a safe and striking distance will pay off in this game.

Be hard to reach - that also means jumping a lot so the enemies would have a hard time catching up on you. Just be careful with the movements though. Running and jumping could easily deplete your stamina, which is the white meter. Once it drops too low, it affects your mobility. Also jumping helps you aim for the head better. A good shot to the head instantly takes out an enemy, which is always a good thing!

If you have taken some blows and you find yourself running low on health, find a place to hide and take a rest. Just chill. This game doesn't have a time limit. This allows you to slowly regenerate your health. If you have played Thing Thing games before, I'm sure you know this trick already. I guess that's about it. Enough with the talk, let's get into some shooting and head blowing action. Play Thing Thing Arena 2 NOW!