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Thing Thing Arena Instructions

The controls for Thing Thing Arena is as standard as it could get. Just like most shooting games out there, you need the W, A, S, and D buttons for basic movement. Press the A and D buttons to move left and right. If you need to jump, and believe me you need to do that A LOT, press the W button and tap it twice to double jump. And for ducking those bullets, just press the S button. By the way, should you need to run, and trust me, that's something you got to do on the regular in this game... hold on to the shift key while pressing either A or D. Need to cycle through your weapons? Well, with the enemies coming at you non stop, of course yeah! To do that, just press the E and Q buttons. As for shooting and taking down your enemies, you need your mouse: first, take your aim and when you are set, hit the left click button to shoot. Should you need to pause the game, just press P and press it again to resume the game. Nothing really complex as far as controls go. Now let's check out the game...

Thing Thing Arena Walkthrough

If you are looking for shooting games where the action starts right away... no fluff or useless delay, one that is fully interactive, very entertaining, and comes with serious doses of violence and action, then Thing Thing Arena is a side scrolling shooting game that you should check out. While everything is black and white (not just the graphics BUT the objective as well), you get to see a lot of red too with blood spilling out each time you take out an enemy. If you find that hard to stomach, if you think violence is NOT good, then you better not play this game. HOWEVER, if you think you are tough and love it instead, Thing Thing Arena is a treat!

With the story being over back in Thing Thing 4, this game instead showcases 4 different game modes. BUT first, you need to create your character and tweak him to your heart's delight. This is one of the strong points of the Thing Thing series. The hair style, shirt, weapons, and MORE - they are all customizable. You will find something that you will love. That's for sure. Now back to the game modes, as I have said, there are 4: Survival Mode, Zombie Survival, Super Survival, and the Stinky Bean Survival.

Survival Mode - This is very much like Super Survival Mode in previous Thing Thing installments. It's impossible to win this mode... with infinite enemies to defeat, there are only 2 logical conclusions: either you get heavily outnumbered and die. Or, on the other hand, you would get extremely tired and your fingers cramped that you wouldn't want to continue. Well, it's the same thing: you will still lose. The good news though is that you get to compare your score and performance with other players... giving you some bragging rights if you did really well.

Super Survival in Thing Thing Arena is quite different from the previous versions. You are given 20 rockets and 30 grenades. Impressive huh? BUT get this: the enemies come in greater numbers and waves (they are still infinite) and they have MORE firepower and you need to deal with less health.

Zombie and Stinky Bean Survival - these modes are pretty self explanatory and it boils down to one thing: shoot everyone in sight!