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Thing Thing 4 Instructions

The basic controls for movement and everything else in Thing Thing 4 is just about the same with other shooting games out there: for basic movement, use the A and D buttons to move forward and back. Hit the W key to jump, and hit it twice quickly for a double jump. To duck those bullets, use the S button. Oh! With enemies coming at you with all they've got, you will find yourself running most of the time to take cover. To do just that, press and hold on to the Shift button while pressing the A and D buttons. And to take out your enemies, use your mouse to aim, and when you are all set, hit the left click button to shoot them down. Now, let's take a closer look at the game!

Thing Thing 4 Walkthrough

The best of stick and shooting games combined: this is Thing Thing 4! If you loved the whole thing thing series, then the sequel to Thing Thing 3, which was released almost 2 years later, will surely make you nuts and jump for joy.

The familiar feel, which made the whole Thing Thing series a HUGE hit, is still there. And that means this game is head and shoulders ahead of most side scrolling shooting games out there. Another nicety is that Thing Thing 4 came with improvements that make the playing experience better than ever. For one thing, if you pride yourself as a primitive fighting machine, you can use a melee weapon - the lead pipe. Once you are out of ammunition, whack your enemies with it and see them bleed and go down. The weapon switching mechanism also allows you to carry 2 different weapons and switch between them.

Some of the old and nice tricks still work though. For example, when you are running low on health and everyone is pursuing you, find a place where you can hide and don't take hits for a couple of moments. You will heal. You are a biological weapon... and a very powerful one at that. This is one of your strengths that you should abuse.

Another trick that you can do, when you are out of shells, is to throw your bullet-less gun. This will knock your opponents a little... giving you precious seconds to pull out that pistol or whatever you have as an alternative, and shoot the hell out of the enemies. MORE amazing boss fights, features that you can unlock, secret rooms - these are just to name a few of the added niceties in Thing Thing 4... stuff that keep it ahead of the previous installments.

If story telling isn't a BIG deal in most shooting games, you will love the background story that the game unfolds. Here in Thing Thing 4, everything about your identity will be revealed. Who you are, how you came about, who you are fighting and why - these are just some of the questions asked in previous Thing Thing games that are answered only in the fourth installment. PLUS, the animated cut scenes, the conversations between characters, etc. make it even nicer. While it can't compare to cut scenes like that of... say, Starcraft 2 and other graphics intense games, it's DEFINITELY above other flash and internet based games.

The objective still stays the same. Nothing new in this department: fight your way to the very end. Kill all of those that get in the way. Nothing fancy or complicated as far as objectives go. Just plain shooting FUN. OK, enough talk gentlemen. It's about time you get a taste of the action for yourselves. Play Thing Thing 4 and find out why every shooting game fan is in love with the whole series!