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Thing Thing 3 Instructions

The controls of Thing Thing 3 is quite standard and average as far as shooting games go. You need to use the W, A, S, and D keys for basic / standard movement. Press W to jump, S to duck, A to move to the left, and D to go right. To run, press the Shift or CTRL button and hold on to it. If you need to pause the game for some reason, just hit the P button... do whatever it is that you have to do, press P again, and get back into the action. You will have multiple weapons in your arsenal in this game (and believe me, with the amount of opposition you will encounter, you will need more than just a pistol). To change weapons, press E or use the 0 Number Key. You can use the numbers 1 to 6 as your weapon hotkeys. And last but not the least, aim with your mouse and when you are all set, press the left click button to fire away.

Thing Thing 3 Walkthrough

Thing Thing 3 - as you can tell, this game is the third installment in the series of shooting games created by Diseased Productions. In this shooting game set in the not so far away future, you are playing as a weapon (nah, not a pistol or a gun but the Bourne Identity type of weapon)... a living and breathing weapon. And after awakening and realizing that you do not want to be a puppet of the corporation that created you, you find yourself forced to fight your way out and duke it out with other living weapons like you. Some are as easy as walks in the park, while others are fiendishly difficult.

Thing Thing 3 showcases 2 different modes of play: first off we have the Story Mode and the Survival Mode. In the story mode, you need to work your way through obstacles and fight the other biological weapons that the corporation's scientists have created. The Survival Mode, on the other hand, comes with 3 different tests... tests that will push your shooting and survival skills to the limit: (1) Stinky Bean Test - here you need to fight an enormous... almost infinite number of stinky beans to get to the top of the score board. (2) Zombie Test - as the name suggests, you are going to face the undead in this part. (3) Super Survival - This is the last and the most difficult of all tests in the Survival Mode. There's an infinite number of enemies to fight and you need to use all of the weapons you can lay your hands on. How long will you last in the Survival Mode? There's only one way to find out: give it a shot!

Another very cool thing about this game is the customization part: the way you can customize your character just rocks! There are a lot of different variations as to how your character will look like... it all depends on your personality and what you like. To compliment that, the game also showcases 20 different weapons you can use. Each of the weapons is different from the other - may it be in reload time, fire power, range, etc. YES, there is something for everybody. If you want to keep a safe distance while dealing a lot of damage, or if you want something where you get up close and personal with your prey before blasting their heads off, you are sure to find a weapon that will suit your taste.

The only thing I find unpleasant about this game is that when the battles are getting really intense (which they always will as enemies will try to surround you even if you are just standing still), the game slows down. Fortunately, the guys who created Thing Thing 3 allows you to tweak the settings and lower it so it will play faster.