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Thing Thing 2 Instructions

The controls for Thing Thing 2 is pretty much the same with the previous and next installments in the series... the control scheme is quite standard as far as shooting games go. For the basic movement of your character, you can use the W, A, S, and D buttons W to jump, A to move to the left, D to move right, and S to duck. Alternatively, you can use the arrow keys though I find it a little awkward for gaming. When you are out of ammunition, you need to take matters into your own hands... literally. So hit the CTRL button and punch your enemies until they are out of their wits. With different weapons at your disposal, you want to be able to cycle through weapons. To do just that, press the F or 0 button. As for taking down enemies with your pistol, rifle, or what have you, just use the mouse for aiming. Now, when you are all set, press the left click button to fire and take down all of those who oppose you.

Thing Thing 2 Walkthrough

The second installment of the Thing Thing series - here, you are still playing as the uber strong living and breathing weapon created by a team of scientists for the gain of some greedy corporation. HOWEVER, you are against it. Well, nobody wants to be a puppet anyway. You need to find your way out and it won't be easy. The objective of the game is very straightforward: you need to escape the city and don't let anyone stop you. Kill anyone who gets in the way - may it be an average soldier or another biological weapon like you.

One thing I really like about Thing Thing 2 (well, this goes for the whole series) is the smooth and nice visuals. It's NOT great... if you compare it to games like Halo, Starcraft 2, and other top tier PC games. HOWEVER, for a casual online shooting game that is meant to help you take some stress away, the visuals are delivered really nicely. While the game's story is quite common with science fiction shooting games, it doesn't really matter. The fast paced game play and graphics more than make up for it.

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you get far in the world of Thing Thing 2 - jump a lot to avoid getting hit. Yeah, you are a self regenerating biological weapon. BUT if you take too many hits, and that life bar hits nil, it's game over. And believe me, you will find yourself taking too much damage if you don't move a lot as enemies will come from all directions to stop you from escaping. Always keep an eye on your stamina bar, which is the white meter. If it gets too low, you can't jump or run for quite some time, which is almost equal to death when the enemies surround you. The good news is that like your health, it will slowly regenerate. While I do recommend that you jump a lot, don't overdo it. I guess biological weapons to get leg cramps and run out of breath too.

If you find yourself unable to move past the barrier, that means you haven't killed enough enemies yet. Hello? This is a shooting game. Not a running game. Don't run away from your enemies. Dispatch them! You see that number next to the barrier? That indicates how many enemies you need to kill to be able to continue. Get back to the killing fields and start shooting. Or better yet, kill enemies on your way to the barrier. Don't go easy on them. Do that and it won't take as long once you get there.