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The Strangers 4 Instructions

Aim your weapon using the mouse. Fire your weapon using the left mouse button. Zoom in using 'w'. Zoom out using 's'. View 'GPS' map to deploy units by hitting 'space'. Use the mouse and the left mouse button to put units into position.

The Strangers 4 Walkthrough

The Strangers 4 is an intense war shooting game that requires you to carefully strategize and come up with a solid plan of attack if you hope to successfully complete the missions placed before you. There are no upgrades or any fancy weapons you can buy. It's all about strategy and choosing the best way to try to complete your mission objectives. This excellent war shooting game isn't as complicated as it sounds, but it does take a little bit of getting used to. Instead of just putting a sniper rifle in your hand and requiring you to shoot at targets as they pop up in windows or from behind barriers, this game asks that you play your units in a way that will allow you to take out the enemy troops before you begin shooting at all. If you don't take the time to plan a good attack strategy, you won't make it very far in this game at all.

The premise of The Strangers 4 is pretty basic and fairly common in this sort of war shooting game. You are facing off against teams of hostile enemy troops only in this game, you aren't simply standing in a tower or at your base trying to defend yourself from the attacking enemies. In this game, you are in enemy territory. Your job is to rescue the hostages being held behind enemy lines and then escape back to your homeland in one piece. It isn't as easy as it seems. Your enemies are not going to willingly hand over hostages, so you're going to need to take them out. Accomplishing that task will take brains and quick shooting. It's important to find the best line of attack without putting yourself or your troops in unnecessary danger. That's where the quick shooting comes into play. Avoiding taking fire from your enemy is all but impossible, but if you are fast and can take your enemies out quickly and efficiently, you should be able to get the job done.

Newcomers to war shooting games are likely going to have a hard time with The Strangers 4. The shooting aspects of the game can be a bit hard to tackle if you're not used to first person shooting games because there are often multiple enemies all firing at you at once. You'll need to shoot fast and fairly accurately to keep yourself alive. Experience with this sort of game is definitely an advantage, but with a little practice, beginners should be able to get through or at the very least, improve and be able to move forward. More experienced players, on the other hand, should have little trouble getting through the shooting parts of the game but may find the strategy parts of the game a bit more difficult. This game is really a perfect mixture of strategy and shooting so you'll need to have a good handle on both of those things if you want to get through this game without difficulty. In truth, it's quite a difficult game that even the most experience war shooting game fan is going to have some degree of trouble with but it often has more to do with the planning than the shooting.

Overall, The Strangers 4 is a war shooting game that combines the best elements of strategy war games with the best elements of first person shooting games. It will challenge even the most experienced players but it never feels like the game can't be beaten. Although there are some sections of this game that any player is going to have to struggle to get through, it makes actually reaching the other side of that challenge feel much more rewarding. This is a game you really need to stick with. The great thing about the game, though, is that sticking with a game that's this engrossing isn't hard to do at all. The best way to get through this game is to be persistant and focus on strategy. Although the shooting aspects of the game are obviously important, strategy should come first. A good strategy can get you a long way in this game.