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The Strangers 3 Instructions

Aim at targets with your mouse; click the left mouse button to shoot, and reload your weapon with the spacebar. Hit the W key to hide, the S key to show up, and the 1-3 number keys to switch to different weapons. Headshots will take out enemies much faster then body shots - and shoot quickly, since you can't take many hits in this shooting game.

The Strangers 3 Walkthrough

The Strangers 3 is an army-themed shooting game where you'll be taking out enemy soldiers before they take you out. Although you'll start the game with three different guns (handgun, assault rifle, and sniper rifle), you're basically a one-man army, and you'll have to be a great shot if you're going to last long - or even complete the first level.

Each level, not just the first, consists of holding one position in a first-person view. So, essentially, you're playing a first-person shooter, except you can't move at all. And that's why you'll really have to depend on your sniping and shooting skills. Use the handgun for enemies that are up close, the assault rifle for enemies at medium distances, and for enemies you can't target easily, the sniper rifle. You'll be able to cycle through your weapons quickly, with the 1-3 number keys, and as long as you're using the appropriate weapon, your chances for survival should increase drastically.

A lot of shooting games out there (especially first-person shooters) will give you some leeway when it comes to your chances for survival, but not The Strangers 3. If you don't dispatch every enemy insurgent as quickly as they appear, you'll get behind, and even more will show up - and you'll die within seconds.

So, if you can keep up with the brisk pace of The Strangers 3, and have great accuracy at all times - including sniping - you'll definitely have some fun. This shooting game has great graphics, challenging levels, and a fun sniping system that any gamer can pick up and play. If you're looking for a challenge, you'll find one in The Strangers 3.