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The Strangers 2 Instructions

The control scheme of The Strangers 2 is very straightforward. Being a sniper and shooting game, you only need to make sure your mouse is working properly. Just use your mouse for aiming and moving your sniper's scope. And when you are ready to make the shot, just hit the left click button. That's it. Nothing hard to understand when it comes to the control scheme department. BUT believe me, the actual game is very challenging even for first person shooter fanatics and enthusiasts.

The Strangers 2 Walkthrough

The Strangers 2 - this sniper and shooting game is very similar to the previous installment of this sniper and shooting game (The Strangers). This second installment comes with its gun's blazing - boasting new maps to take on, new strategic positions to snipe from, and like an icing on top of the cake, you get a totally different quest.

If you loved The Strangers, you will go gaga over The Strangers 2 with more challenges, even nicer graphics, and a whole lot more. All of these and more provide a dynamic and game play that is oozing with action.

Before every mission, you will be given reminders and briefings that you need to follow down to the letter. There are missions where you need to protect villagers from The Strangers (rebels wearing green shirt - that's their uniform). Some require you to protect a structure - a church, food barn, school, etc. from being destroyed by the evil mobsters. And you will also need to kill a minimum number of strangers - 20, 15, sometimes even 30 depending on the location and how intense the action is on that place.

It takes more than just good aim to finish this game. The Strangers are fast moving and they are armed with guns, home made bombs, and other weapons that will help them accomplish their wicked tasks. Your reflexes need to be top notch or else, the bad guys will either get away or they will deal a lot of damage to the village you are protecting...destroying it before you know it.

Oh! And one more reminder, you shouldn't shoot the villagers. Your duty is to protect them all the time. You can't get trigger happy in The Strangers 2 or it will be game over for you before you can even say: "Wait!"

If you are on the hunt for a game that is filled with action, jam packed with challenging missions, requires precision and fast reaction time, coupled with nice graphics, then you MUST check out The Strangers 2. It's a shooting gamers dream!