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The Gun Game 2 Instructions

The Gun Game 2 is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. Move your mouse to move the gun and aim. Click your left mouse button to shoot. Hold the shift or control key while clicking to use your grenade launcher. The spacebar is used to manually reload. The Q key is used to exit a mission.

The Gun Game 2 Walkthrough

The Gun Game 2 is a shooting game that is the sequel to The Gun Game. The Gun Game 2 retains some of the charm of its predecessor, but features a revamped interface, a new experience and monetary system, and more linear gameplay.

After selecting your save slot and customizing your character, The Gun Game 2 gives you a chance to play through the tutorial. If this is your first time playing this shooting game, I advise you to play through the tutorial to learn about how the game works. Even if you have played the first The Gun Game, I advise you to play through the tutorial because many things have changed in this sequel.

The first noticeable change to The Gun Game 2 is that gameplay is more linear than its predecessor. Missions must be accepted by Fat Bob, and they must be completed in order. Most missions involve destroying targets, but later missions will involve shooting terrorists, solving puzzles, and more. Missions are categorized by difficulty in this shooting game. To access other difficulty levels, use the drop-down menu in Fat Bob's Job tab.

The second thing that makes this shooting game different from its predecessor is the fact that guns must be bought. Gun are unlocked by completing missions and gaining experience in this shooting game, but you must buy guns using the money that you receive from missions. To buy a gun, use the Shop tab under Fat Bob's menu. Guns are categorized by type, so if you want to select a different type of gun, simply use the drop-down menu. As was the case in the first The Gun Game, you may only use one gun at a time in The Gun Game 2. To equip the gun that you wish to use, open the Arsenal menu and select your desired firearm.

The Gun Game 2 introduces weapon extensions and special abilities (known as "perks"). To use a perk, simply click on the desired perk that you wish to use in the Profile menu. Perks can be useful, but have their downfalls. Be sure to weigh the pros and cons of each perk based on your mission objectives. Weapons extensions are bought in the Arsenal menu. These extensions can increase your accuracy, firepower, or magazine size, but it is sometimes better to save your money for a new gun rather than upgrade your current weapon.

The final change in The Gun Game 2 is the graphics. The interface is drastically improved, as are most of the in-game graphics. My only gripe here is the use of dots to represent bullets rather than the full bullet graphics that were used in the first game.

The Gun Game 2 is a superb shooting game and an outstanding sequel to The Gun Game. Fans of the first game may be a bit disappointed about the more linear gameplay, but the experience system and improved graphics should make up for this disappointment. Gamers that enjoy a more cut-and-dry gameplay experience may enjoy The Gun Game 2 more than its predecessor.