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The Gun Game Instructions

The Gun Game is controlled by using the mouse. Move your mouse to move the gun and aim. Click your left mouse button to shoot. The spacebar may be used to go back to the main menu. The R key is used to reset some challenges and training rounds.

The Gun Game Walkthrough

The Gun Game is a physics based shooting game with an experimental feel. The Gun Game features nineteen different firearms, thirty achievements, and three gameplay modes.

The three gameplay modes present in The Gun Game are Campaign mode, Challenge mode, and Warm-Up mode. Campaign mode is the primary mode of the game, and contains three sub-modes, defense, efficiency, and offense, with seven levels each. Challenge mode allows you to test your firearms skills by completing a Speed Challenge, Skill Challenge, or Accuracy Challenge. Finally, Warm-Up mode allows you to play with the different firearms and get a feel for how this shooting game operates.

You are only allowed to use one weapon on each round of The Gun Game. When you first start this shooting game, you will have a choice of three weapons. To view more weapons that are available, select the weapons button in the upper-right corner of the menu. To replace a weapon on your list of three selectable weapons, click one of the three stars next to a weapon. As you progress in this physics game, you will be able to unlock more firearms. In my opinion, it would have been easier had the developers of this shooting game simple added the entire list of available weapons to the main menu, and allowed players to scroll through the list using buttons, but at least there is a way to access more guns.

Before talking about the different modes of this shooting game, I would like to give you some general tips. In order to shoot, you must be in the firing zone on the right side of the screen. If you are outside of this zone, you will not be able to shoot! The Gun Game is physics based, so some real world physics apply here. When shooting, you will have to aim slightly above your target to make up for bullet fall due to gravity. If you are firing an automatic weapon, it is best to fire in short bursts to increase your accuracy. Finally, there doesn't seem to be a way to manually reload, so you will have to expend your entire magazine before reloading automatically.

Campaign mode makes up the bulk of The Gun Game. In the defense campaign, your objective is to prevent targets from entering the shooting zone. For this mode, a good shotgun works best because it can damage multiple targets, and packs a wallop against larger targets. The second mode of the Campaign is the Efficiency Campaign. In this campaign, you must shoot a moving target before it reaches its horizontal limits five times. Unfortunately, there is no marker that tells you when the target has reached its limit, so you will have to make a mental note of this yourself. In the Offense Campaign, you will have to kill another shooter before they kill you. Dodge their shots and get your hits in! For the Efficiency and Offense campaigns, a good rifle, such as the M14, works best. Using a handgun may make it easier to dodge your opponents shots in the Offense Campaign, however.

Challenge mode records your statistics and has different criteria for each unique firearm that you use, so you may want to try each challenge with all of the different firearms. The Speed and Accuracy challenges are straightforward, but the Skill challenge may be a bit more confusing. The objective of the skill challenge is to get the green crate onto the green platform in a state of rest for three seconds. Remember that if you mess up, you can restart any challenge by pressing the R key.

The Gun Game is an excellent shooting game that may interest firearms enthusiasts. There is nothing like an actual day at the range, but The Gun Game's physics and firearms models makes it more realistic than many of the other Flash shooting games on the Web.