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Tequila Zombies Instructions

Tequila Zombies is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the left and right arrow keys (or the A and D keys) to move left and right. Press the spacebar to attack with melee weapons or the shoot. The up arrow key (or W key) performs melee attacks with ranged weapons. Press the down arrow key (or S key) to pick up weapons from crates. Press enter to use your special attack. The escape key pauses the game.

Tequila Zombies Walkthrough

Tequila Zombies is a shooting game that pits you against hordes of zombies. This zombie game features superb graphics, catchy background music, and action-packed gameplay.

The objective of Tequila Zombies is to survive as long as possible against waves of undead enemies. The longer that you survive, the more deadly your enemies will become. When enough enemies have been killed, the "Tequila Shot" meter will fill and you will be able to use the devastating "Tequila Shot" attack. Don't worry about dying in this zombie game; you will be able to come back stronger than before! Your progress is automatically saved, so any money and weapons that you earn will be waiting for you the next time that you play.

Tequila Zombies uses the keyboard as its control device. The left and right arrow keys are used to run in the respective direction. Press the up arrow key to perform melee attacks. The down arrow key is used to pick up weapons and other items. You may use the respective WASD keys to perform these actions in this shooting game as well. The spacebar is used to shoot firearms and to attack with melee weapons. Finally, when the "Tequila Shot" bar has been filled, press enter to unleash your special attack and obliterate your enemies!

Each time that you die in Tequila Zombies, you will have the option to use any money that you collected to unlock new weapons. I advise you to upgrade your melee weapon first, since it will always be your go-to weapon when you run out of ammunition. Shotguns should be your next priority since they are devastating against clustered groups of zombies. Accuracy is not so important in this shooting game, so sniper rifles should be bought last.

Tequila Zombies is shooting game that emphasizes fun, making it a winner for casual gamers and shooting game fans alike. It's "tequila sunset" for the zombies in Tequila Zombies!