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Super Villainy Instructions

Super Villainy is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. Move your character by using the arrow keys or the WASD keys. Aim by moving the mouse. Hold down the left mouse button to activate slow motion. Press the spacebar to perform your special. The P key pauses the game.

Super Villainy Walkthrough

When Super Villainy was in its infancy, world domination was the goal of every up-and-coming supervillain. Over time, this became boring, and the supervillains vied for destruction of the Earth. They succeeded. Now, with nothing left to do, they will fight each other to become the best supervillain of all time!

In Super Villainy, a shooting game presented by Armor Games, you play the role of a supervillain who has entered the competition. You will take on fourteen missions (including the tutorial), battling against four supervillains and their legions of minions. Missions have various objectives such as killing a given number of enemies or surviving for a designated amount of time. Your progress is automatically saved in one of three save slots, so you will be able to continue your game the next time that you play.

After each stage of Super Villainy, you will be able to use any money that you earned to purchase upgrades. You can even purchase minions to help you battle your enemies! I advise you to purchase the money upgrade first; more money means more upgrades. The weapon upgrade is also extremely useful and is deadly when combined with the fire rate upgrade. Minions are very helpful in this shooting game, especially health minions, which slowly heal you when you have taken damage. Try to use a varied army of minions rather than using five of the same kind.

Super Villainy is a cinch to control. A combination of keyboard and mouse controls are used with the WASD (or arrow) keys controlling your movement and the mouse aiming your weapons (which fire automatically). When the special bar in the lower-left corner of the screen is full, you can press the spacebar to unleash your special attack. Hold down the left mouse button to activate slow motion, which is great for evading enemy bullets.

If you are a fan of casual shooting games such as Frantic Frigates or Death vs. Monstars, then you will love Super Villainy! Don't let its label of casual shooting game fool you, however; this game is still challenging, even for the most hardened danmaku fanatic!