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Super Marine Instructions

Compared to other online shooting games, Super Marine's control scheme requires some memorization and practice to get used to. First off, you need to use your mouse for moving your weapon around the screen. And when you are ready to make the shot, just hit the left click button. Alternatively, you can also use the left, down, right, and up directional keys (2nd alternative: A, W, S, and D buttons) for moving your weapons. If you need to pause the game, say to have some time to think about what you're going to do, just hit P. To check out your status, pressing the F button should get the job done. And when you need to see where you're at and if enemies are approaching, hitting the R button would bring up the radar. For accessing the shop, press Space Bar. And in case you need some help along the way, say you have forgotten a control key or two, just press H and you should get the assistance that you need.

Super Marine Walkthrough

Super Marine - in this online shooting game, you need to play it like Rambo! It's you against all odds - alien forces, enemy structures, and more. There's nobody to help you BUT your weapons.

BUT don't worry, when it comes to the weapons department, you have a lot to show! Aside from your normal weapon that you can bring up by pressing 1, you have 4 other firearms that will help you obliterate the opposition. You have the (1) Machine Gun (2) Grenade Launcher (3) Canon and the tried and tested (4) Rocket Launcher.

Believe me when I say that the opposing forces in this game are unforgiving! Heck, I got creamed a lot of times and had my head handed to me in a silver platter right from the very stage. And I'm on easy mode by the way. That's coming from someone who has played a lot of online shooting games.

Just like your base, the enemy's base is also jam packed with defensive turrets...turrets that will fire at you once they see you. And damn they hit hard! You always need to keep your life bar in check. Once it runs down to zero, it's all over for you. You have to start from square one.

If you are looking for an online shooting game that's pretty balanced - gives you a lot of weapon choices while throwing a lot of enemies at you, one that comes with nice graphics, and one that will keep you busy for some time, then check out Super Marine. Trust me. It won't disappoint.