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Submarine vs Aliens Instructions

Control movement of your submarine using the mouse. Deploy bombs by clicking the left mouse button. Detonate a deployed bomb by clicking a second time with the left mouse button. Fix the angle of your weapon's fire in one spot by holding 'ctrl' or 'space'. Pause the game by pressing 'esc'.

Submarine vs Aliens Walkthrough

Submarine vs Aliens is a fast paced, unique alien shooting game in which you are in control of a submarine that is under constant attack by various alien enemies. You need to take out all of the enemies you are up against in every level without allowing your submarine to be destroyed. Your mission isn't an easy one to complete, but it's a lot of fun to try. From the very beginning of the first level you're going to be hooked on this one even if you don't feel you're going to be able to make it through to the end of the game. With this excellent alien shooting game the fun really is in the game itself not just in winning the game at the end.

The controls in Submarine vs Aliens are easy to understand but not always easy to use. Because this game is played almost entirely with the mouse, those who aren't used to this sort of navigation might have a bit of a hard time getting the hang of how this game is played particularly when it comes to shooting enemies. Although that apparant lack of control can make the game a bit frustrating in the beginning, if you stick with it, you'll get the hang of it. The game never gets easy, but once you learn how to control your submarine a bit better it will get a lot less frustrating. Newcomers to alien shooting games are probably going to have a hard time getting through the first few levels while more experienced players are going to get a bit further before they begin having trouble. Regardless of skill or experience level, however, it's important to remember this is a difficult game and the controls will take a bit of getting used to. Don't get frustrated. Frustration will work against you in this game.

One of the biggest advantages offered in Submarine vs Aliens is the ability to drop and detonate bombs that will inflict damage to any enemy aliens within the blast radius of the bomb. You have limited bombs so you will need to take out enemies with your gun, but bombs are a huge help if you're under attack by a large group of aliens. You likely won't need to use bombs to get through the first few levels in the game, but as you progress and you start facing more and tougher aliens, you will need to make use of your bombs. The best way to use your bombs involves a little planning and good timing. This is one of the factors that really sets this game apart from other alien shooting games in which you're able to use bombs. You have more control over how much damage you can do with a bomb in this game. Deploy your bomb than lure enemies into the vacinity of the bomb. Once you have your enemies close enough, detonate the bomb. This will ensure you inflict the most damage possible on multiple enemies at once.

In Submarine vs Aliens, as with most alien shooting games, upgrades are vital if you want to get through the game. To get points for upgrades you need to collect the small orange colored batteries that appear after you destroy certain enemies. To collect these batteries simply pass your ship over them. These upgrades are important so make sure you collect as many batteries as you can even if it means taking minor damage to your ship. If you don't complete a level, you will lose the upgrade points you earned during the level. The important thing to remember is to try to collect all of the batteries you can while keeping an eye on the health of your ship. If you run out of health, you lose the level and will need to start the over from the beginning of that level.

Focus on upgrading your submarine's armor, the number of bombs you have and the blast radius of your bombs first to help strengthen your defense against the aliens. All of these things will greatly improve the chances you have of making it through the game. From there, save upgrade points to buy advanced weapons. Advanced weapons are important, especially once you get to the game's more difficult to eliminate enemies, but they're also expensive and not necessary for the beginning levels of the game. Use the upgrade points you earn in the beginning to upgrade your submarine and your bombs. The advanced weapons won't be of much use if your sub is weak and easily destroyed.

Overall, Submarine vs Aliens is one of the most unique and most engrossing alien shooting games online. Once you get the hang of controlling your submarine you'll find the game a lot less frustrating and a lot more fun but that initial adjustment stage can be a little hard to get through. Stick with it. This game is a lot of fun once you've been playing for a while. If you want to beat the game, make use of your bombs and upgrades and focus on avoiding enemy fire. That can be tough to do, especially later in the game when you find yourself under attack from several enemies at once, but it can be done. There isn't a single level in this game that's impossible to beat. It'll just take a little practice and a lot of patience. It's well worth it though. This is a great game any fan of alien shooting games needs to try at least once.