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Storm the House 3 Instructions

When playing Storm The House 3, there are only a couple of things you need to keep in mind: (1) aim and shoot with your mouse. (2) once you are out of ammunition, hit the space bar to reload (3) need a quick visit to the loo? Yeah? Pressing P pauses the game. Now go! (4) pressing Z or rolling the mouse wheel changes weapons (5) click on a gun or tower you have bought to upgrade it. And last BUT definitely not the least...rather this is the most important, DO NOT DIE! This is Storm The House 3. Defend your stronghold and everyone else inside with everything you've got. Throw them the kitchen sink if you have to (but I doubt that would work). Onto the game...

Storm the House 3 Walkthrough

YES, Storm The House 3 is here! Case Dollingsworth, creator and programmer of the whole Storm The House series, is at it again. And this time, he brings you the best so far in Storm The House of the best tower defense style shooting games. A lot has changed in this game - making it twice or even three times better than its 2 older brothers.

First off, aside from the Campaign, which is to span 40 days, you now have a selection of mini games at your fingertips. There are 6 of them to be exact: (1) Capture The Flag where you need to stop the horde of stick men from capturing your flag, which for the life of me I can't understand why it's outside the stronghold! (2) This Is Sparta - This is my personal favorite! You need to defend yourself from 300 REALLY tough and charging Spartans. I'll show you in a minute how to win this unscathed. (3) Zombocalypse - This one is tough. Defend yourself against hordes of zombies for 3 minutes with, well...a Desert Eagle. (4) The Entertainer - Where you compose music by shooting and killing everyone in sight. (5) McJee Punch and (6) Sandbox.

The good old gunmen who shoots random guys, craftsmen (now called repair men) who work 'round the clock to fix your damaged walls, wall upgrades, etc. are all back...and they are joined by MORE guns and towers!

New Guns: you have the good and old desert eagle, the Uzi which is a drive by favorite, combat shotgun, DAO-12 an automated version, Machine Gun (Description: When Stallone needs to cut down hordes of Vietcong soldiers and emerge with nothing but stainless steel abs and sweaty eyebrows, believe me, he's carrying this gun), The Quaker which is a personal favorite of mine especially for 'This Is Sparta' mode, and those are just to name a few.

New Towers: You need stronger weapons to face those beefier enemies and stick men. And these towers give you enough fire power to take them out. We have the Fan Tower (which is ultimately useless), Quake Box (which I replace with the Quaker instead), Tesla Tower, Missile Turret, Laser Tower, Flamer Joe (next to useless), and Shield Generator.

'This Is Sparta' Trick: Alright, I'm running out of space here so let's do this real quick. Spartans, these guys are tough like steel and deal a lot of damage to your wall once they get close enough. The solution? Don't let them get close by making them stumble with The Quaker! It's a lot more affordable than the Quake Box and you have total control over the tremors. Toss in a 2 missle turret which is upgraded halfway and a Laser Tower or Tesla Tower and you should have no problems holding the enemy off.