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Storm the House 2 Instructions

Storm The House 2 - one of the BEST tower defense style shooting games you could ever lay your hands on. The controls are very easy to handle - you will use your mouse for the most part. Aim that scope using it and when you are ready to fire, just press the left click button to get the job done. For reloading, just hit the space bar button. And to wipe out that sweat from your brows, press P to pause the game.

Storm the House 2 Walkthrough

And it's back once again! Fans of the original Storm The House game, here's what: Storm The House 2 is HERE! The same premise holds for this game: you need to defend your stronghold (that mansion, building, or whatever you call it at the left part of the screen) with all of your might. Stick men armed with swords, vehicles, guns, and more are coming for you and you better know how to stave them off. These guys are pretty relentless in achieving their aim - to take down the stronghold and you with it!

Some changes in the game according to the author: Apparently, a lot of sissies found the game too difficult and lambasted the developer. I really can't blame the others for complaining...I, too, found finishing the game next to impossible for quite some time. And only after playing it for a week did I get strong and cunning enough to make sure no stick man could destroy my stronghold's walls. Anyway, a lot of players requested for something that's "IMBA" (in the gaming dictionary, this means imbalanced whether in a positive or negative way).

Long story short, the readers convinced the author to create a gun that when it shoots, all of those stick men fly into the if they are ants being sucked by a vacuum cleaner. And thanks to that, the Gravity Gun is born! This game sure makes the game a lot easier than the previous one...BUT still difficult and challenging enough nevertheless. I also like the addition of the pause button, which is P in your keyboard. I mean, tower defense shooting games like this one take hours to play and finish.

Being able to visit the loo and take a pee after 2 hours of playing and sipping on Coke is very much appreciated. So there are only 3 things to keep in mind now (as opposed to two back then): (1) use your mouse to aim and sink bullets to your enemies...turning them into Swiss cheese (2) space bar button reloads your weapon...then go back to shooting them down one by one, and (3) P pauses the game so you can calm yourself down and think of a strategy when you see hordes of stick men charging at you and your defenses are barely holding.

Most of the other elements in the game stay the same: you still have the gunmen that shoot random guys. The hardworking craftsmen that fix your walls in case they get low on health. And of course, you still have the good old missile silo and silo workers that work 'round the clock to get the missiles going and obliterating the opposition.

I also like the addition of game modes: easy, medium, hard, and Why God?! If you think you are good enough, or if you are a masochist who loves torture, Why God?! Is the game mode to go for.