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Storm the House Instructions

Defend your stronghold! Your wife and your kids are in there. You need to fight off wave after wave of stick figures who will come with all that they've got to take you and everyone else inside down. Swords, guns, etc. - these are just some of the weapons they have at their disposal. Use your mouse to shoot death at these stick men. Use your space bar to reload. Those are the only things you need to keep in mind. Onto the game!

Storm the House Walkthrough

Tower defense games are addictive - period! The joy of building one defense turret or tower after the other, cashing in on the dead bodies...using the dough to get rich, earn points, and buy upgrades, and seeing one body fall after the other in their effort to get to the other side and beat you. Ahh! It's just too much fun and too addictive to resist. It's easy to find yourself spending hours on tower defense games.

On the other hand, shooting games are exciting, fast paced, and violent. Many find it an outlet for their wild gun man side. Whether you are looking for first person shooting games, side scrolling ones, etc., as long as its a shooting game you are after, it's bound to be fun.

Ahh, if only we can combine these 2 great game genres. The world will surely be a better place to live in. Well, guess what, here's the GREAT news - Storm The House (another quality production from Armor Games) just made your dreams come true! Some say it's a rip off of Defend Your Castle, BUT personally, I don't care. If it's fun to play, then it's a fine addition to a gamer's game arsenal to keep the blues and boredom off. And without a doubt, Storm The House belongs to the fun category of tower defense style shooting games.

Ok, here's the story behind Storm The House (I'm not so sure if you really care about it): you and your wife and kids are in the stronghold. And stickmen are out to get you. I'm not so sure why but maybe it's because of the preponderance of games that advocate stickmen violence...where their kind gets ripped apart, shredded into pieces, toasted by a laser gun, and everything else in between. YES, they really are angry and they are coming right at you with everything that they have in their disposal - guns, swords, and what have you.

You have defend from the up and coming onslaught unless you want to just give up. BUT if that's the case, why are you playing this game anyway? You loser who don't have a pair of balls! Anyway, if you want to have fun and defend for as long as you can, here are 2 things you need to keep in mind: (1) point with the mouse and shoot (2) reload with the space bar button. That's really important. How well you point and shoot, and reload could spell the difference from survival or being butchered by these relentless stick figures.

And no, I'm not kidding.

HOWEVER, you are not in this alone. You can employ gunmen - these guys will shoot random guys for you. Craftsmen, on the other hand, repair your stronghold's walls when you are low on health. You can grab a silo and employ silo workers. Do that right and you can blast them into oblivion with a missile. And there are some goodies that help fortify your walls too. Now, one more note: a lot of people complained that this game is REALLY in devilishly hard! Are you ready to defend your stronghold against the stickmen who are screaming: "Storm The House!" ? There's only one way to find the game!