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Storm Ops Instructions

Storm Ops is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Aim and shoot by using the mouse. The R key reloads your weapon, the F key changes firing modes, and the V key is held to look over your weapon's sights. Use the 1, 2, and 3 keys to switch between weapons.

Storm Ops Walkthrough

Storm Ops is a shooting game that places you in the role of a lone soldier defending your base. This defense game features simple controls, ten achievements, and semi-realistic weapons.

The goal of Storm Ops is to defend your outpost against twenty-five waves of enemies. There are two difficulty levels in this shooting game. The Recruit difficulty level starts you off with an Igram Mac-10 submachine gun and has weaker enemies, while the Veteran difficulty level starts you off with a Beretta M9 pistol and more challenging enemies. Your progress is automatically saved at the end of each wave, so you do not have to complete the entire game in one sitting.

Storm Ops primarily uses mouse controls, but there are also keyboard controls present. Move your mouse to aim your weapon and click the left mouse button to shoot. This shooting game does not automatically reload your weapon at the end of a magazine, so you must do it manually by pressing the R key. The F key changes the firing mode of your weapon if your current weapon has multiple modes. You can switch between the weapons in your inventory by using the 1, 2, and 3 keys. Finally, if you want a broader view of the battlefield, you may hold the V key to peer over your weapon's sights. It is not a good idea to shoot while looking over your sights, however, since your accuracy will be greatly reduced.

The thing that makes Storm Ops unique it the modeling of muzzle velocity. In most other shooting games, players can get away with simple point-and-click shooting resulting in bullets instantly striking their targets; this will not work here. You will have to keep muzzle velocity in mind and lead your target according to how fast it is moving and how fast your bullets will reach their destination. Handguns and submachine guns have lower muzzle velocities and require you take a greater lead on your target, while rifles tend to have higher muzzle velocities, so a smaller lead can be taken. Practice with different weapons until you get a feel for how fast the rounds will travel, then you will be able to effectively dispatch of enemies.

Storm Ops is a straightforward defense game that offers more realism than similar games, such as Palisade Guardian. This shooting game is simple enough for most casual gamers to grasp, but the realistic modeling of muzzle velocity makes the game more challenging and appealing to advanced gamers.