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Steam Droid Instructions

Just like other side-scrolling shooting games out there, you need to use your keyboard and mouse to play Steam Droid. Use the keyboard for basic movement. The mouse, on the other hand, is for shooting down enemies - just point and click... and watch them die! ? Anyway, enough of the controls, let's have a closer look at the game.

Steam Droid Walkthrough

Simple, very addicting, and nicely done - this is Steam Droid! I have played the game for hours and I don't see anything that's awfully wrong with it... perhaps owing to the straightforward game play that it has. The objective of the game is simple:

You need to save and liberate your fellow steam droids imprisoned and chained within the 14 levels of the game. After that, you can take on the final boss and show him what's up. The settings for the 14 levels are quite varied and it doesn't get boring to look at them. Sometimes, you have fight your way on mines. You will find yourself shooting down enemy units on hillsides on one level, and then do the same thing on a foundry on the next on. There are A LOT of hidden and 'pick-able' items hidden on crates that will boost your fire power A LOT. Some give you extra health, others allow you to do a reverse shot, some have homing missiles in them, there are triple shots, invincibility, and those are just to name a few!

I'm very hard to impress especially when it comes to games. It's been my habit to find what's wrong in the game; dig deeper; find some more stuff that I don't like; and rinse and repeat the process. BUT for some reason, this game seems perfect from the ground up. It has to be one of the best executed flash-based online shooting games I have laid my sights and hands on.

The Music: It fits in VERY well. While it's on loop, it's upbeat and energetic enough that you won't be bored with it.

Transitions From One Level To Another: This is another important aspect not just for shooting games BUT for any game for that matter. The transition between different scenes is smooth and they are done correctly.

Animation And Graphics: As for how the characters move and animate, they are superb and smooth. I never experienced any 'laggy moments' or hang ups in the game. The graphics are up to par as well. Let's admit it, graphics are key to any game. Even the most common games can be given a new lease on life with excellent images and design. Steam Droid's graphics, without a doubt, packs A LOT of life and color in it.

Summing things up, if you are somewhat bored, if you love shooting games of whatever sort, I HIGHLY recommend playing Steam Droid. Enough talk people, you still have A LOT of fellow steam droids to save. Get out there and get shooting!