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Starmada Instructions

Starmada is controlled by using either the keyboard or the mouse. When using the keyboard, the WASD keys or arrow keys are used to move and the X key or M key are used to fire your repulser wave. When using the mouse, your ship will follow your cursor. Click to fire your repulsor wave. Press the spacebar or the enter key to pause the game.

Starmada Walkthrough

Starmada is the sequel to the shooting game, Starmageddon. Like its predecessor, Starmada features two control schemes and outstanding graphics. This shoot'em up also features thirteen new levels and twelve achievements.

Starmada is a standard top-down space shooter. Your objective is to destroy enemies, dodge bullets, and defeat the boss on each level. After you have shown the boss who's boss, the next level will be unlocked. Your progress is automatically saved, so you will not have to complete the entire game in one sitting.

You have the choice of using the mouse or the keyboard to control Starmada. Neither control scheme has an advantage over the other, so it is a matter of personal preference. When using the mouse, your ship will follow your mouse cursor. Click to fire your repulser wave. When using keyboard controls, you may use either the WASD keys or the arrow keys to move your ship. Press the X key or the M key to fire your repulser wave. The repulser wave (that is how it is spelled in the game) can be used to block enemy bullets, but is also a powerful offensive weapon. It can be launched towards enemies by flying your ship towards enemies as you activate it, traveling by inertia. Your ship's primary weapons automatically fire under either control scheme.

The one difference between Starmada and classic SHMUPs is its upgrade system. Unlike classic shooting games, where powerups were collected on the stage, upgrades are purchased in a shop in this game. I advise buying the front diagonal guns and firing rate upgrades as soon as possible. These upgrades will make dealing with large groups of enemies a breeze. The homing missile upgrade is also helpful, especially against bosses.

Starmada may not win awards for originality, but it still features solid gameplay that fans of old-school space shooters will enjoy. Take to the cosmos and blast boredom (and the aliens) away in this exquisite shooting game!