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Sniper : Year One Instructions

Aim and put a sight on the target with your mouse; click the left mouse button to shoot, but keep in mind that shooting the wrong target will result in mission failure. Press the spacebar to get a broad view of the level you're on, and choose either easy or hard difficulty (hard gives you 25% more points) to get started.

Sniper : Year One Walkthrough

Sniper: Year One is a shooting game where getting your hands dirty is not only necessary, but fun. Whether you choose easy or hard mode, you'll have twelve missions to play through - each harder than the last. At the beginning of each mission, you'll receive a briefing; it's important to read this briefing and pick up any clues that will help you pick out your target.

The first level in Sniper: Year One is quite simple: the mission briefing says your target has bad habits, and out of targets viewable through your scope, only one is smoking. So, if you're apt to pick up clues like the one found in the first mission, you'll do fine with this shooting game - just as long as you shoot the target, and not any innocent bystanders.

But Sniper: Year One isn't that simple, and later levels do get more complicated. In some, you'll have to take out bodyguards before proceeding to take out your main target - or you'll have to take out one target to get to another. Whatever path you choose, every gamer out there will notice the awesome graphics in this shooting game. They're stylish, and since every person is a silhouette, you'll have to notice tiny differences (and be sure of them) before taking anyone out.

As you complete missions, assassinate targets, and score points, Sniper: Year One will keep track of your hits, accuracy, and missed shots. As long as you hit a target in the head, the shot counts as 100% accuracy - body shots only count as 50% accuracy, and you won't get as many points. Overall, Sniper: Year One is a fantastic game with awesome gameplay - the only downside is the fact that there are only twelve missions to play through.