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Snipedown Instructions

Aim your weapon with the mouse. Fire your weapon with the left mouse button. Perform a mortar strike using the '1' number key. Perform a artillery strike using the '2' number key. Perform an air strike using the '3' number key. Drop a big bomb using the '4' number key.

Snipedown Walkthrough

Snipedown is one of the best, most engrossing and most entertaining tower defense shooting games online. The premise couldn't be easier to understand. Your base is on the right side of the screen and you need to protect your base from the enemies attacking from the left. While the premise is simple, the actual game can be a bit more difficult. The controls are pretty easy to understand. You'll basically be using your mouse for the majority of the game play as you would with most of the other tower defense shooting games online but actually progressing past the first few levels of the game will take a fair bit of skill. The enemies start off easy but get increasingly difficult as you progress. You'll need to purchase upgrades if you want to stand a chance against the more difficult enemies you'll be up against later in the game. That's really what makes this game so engrossing. Each upgrade costs experience points. If you want experience points you'll have to take out enemies. If you want to take out enemies, you'll have to be pretty quick and fairly accurate with your sniper rifle. For that reason, newcomers to this genre are likely going to have a hard time getting anywhere in the game in the beginning, but with a little practice, they will be able to improve and perform much better.

There is a lot of information on the screen in Snipedown, more than you would find with the average tower defense shooting game, and most of it is information you need if you want to get anywhere in the game. At the bottom right side of the screen you have your base health. If you run out of health, your game is over. All enemies that get too close to your base and able to fire on it take health points from you. While some enemies do more damage than others, you need to focus on taking out any and all enemies as fast as you can to keep your health as high as possible. Your health will refill gradually as time passes, but taking out enemies and preventing damage should be priority number one. Later in the game you'll face off against extremely difficult enemies, especially the tanks, and you'll need as much health as you can get to ensure you survive their attacks. To the right of you're base's health, you'll see your experience points. You'll get experience points when you take out an enemy or destroy an enemy vehicle. You'll use your experience points to buy important upgrades which we'll talk about in a moment or two. It's important to buy upgrades as it is impossible to get through this game without upgrading. For that reason, knowing how many experience points you have and how many points you need to buy the next upgrade you want to buy is vital to your success in this game. To the left of experience points, you'll see four weapon icons. These are your 'special tools'. You can use them to deliver damage to a large group of enemies at once. These can come in handy but use them sparingly. They take a while to recharge. Next to that, you have options and finally upgrades. You'll purchase any upgrades you want to purchase by clicking on the upgrades menu.

The importance of upgrades in Snipedown can't be overlooked if you hope to get through all twenty waves in the game. The game starts off relatively easy with only a few somewhat slow and fairly easy to kill enemies attacking at once, but the game quickly gets more difficult. The soldiers become harder to kill and attack in greater numbers. Once enemies in vehicles are introduced, things get even more tricky. It will take several shots from your sniper rifle to take out enemy vehicles if you're just using your basic weapon. Make sure you upgrade your weapon to inflict more damage. A fully upgraded rifle can take out an enemy jeep in one shot and the smaller tanks with two shots. It is a little more difficult to take out the bigger tanks. For this, you'll want to be sure you have some good turrets lining your base. You only have three turret slots but making sure you use them in vital. For the first few levels you likely won't need anymore more than basic turrets, but once the big, bad tanks start coming, you're going to want to have the more advanced ones. Try to set aside money for those upgrades. They'll definitely come in handy. The best way to handle several large tanks attacking at once is to inflict damage on each one of the tanks so they are degraded and less difficult for your turrets to handle. Don't just focus on taking out the large tank closest to your base. You'll fail. By the time you're done taking out that first tank, the next one will be right on it's heels. Equal damage to each tank will make it easier to take out the big guys with the help of your trusty turrets.

In terms of weapon, base and special tool upgrades, the most important ones to focus on from the beginning are the upgrades to increase the amount of damage you can do with your rifle and the fortification of your base. It's also a good idea to work on maxing out the upgrade for how fast repairs are done to your base. All of these things will make your defense much, much stronger. Upgrading how fast repairs are performed on your base is an upgrade that is often overlooked, but it's an important one. This allows the health of your base to replenish much more quickly meaning it will take a lot longer for the enemy forces to destroy your base and end your game. Fortification also helps with that, obviously. Upgrading the damage you can do with your rifle will make it a lot easier for you to take out the enemy forces and ease the burden on your turrets and the health of your base. A rifle that can inflict as much damage as possible makes it much easier to take out even the biggest tanks.

Overall, Snipedown doesn't really break any new ground in the world of sniper shooting games, but it is wickedly entertaining and incredibly addictive. The truly challenging nature of the game, particularly in levels 15 - 20, will provide a thrilling challenge for even the most experienced shooting game fans. Newcomers to the genre will likely have a bit of trouble defending their base once the action starts getting a little more fast paced and intense, but as long as the upgrades are used to their fullest potential, even newcomers should be able to make it through all twenty levels. The key here is the turrets and upgrading your weapon and your base. The special tools definitely come in handy, but more experienced players may not even find it necessary to use them. All in all, this is a great game well worth playing that will keep you coming back for more until you reach the end!