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Smokin Barrels Instructions

Smokin Barrels is controlled by using the mouse. Move the mouse to aim and click the left mouse button to shoot.

Smokin Barrels Walkthrough

Smokin Barrels is a shooting game that takes players back to the Old West. This cowboy game features simple controls, a variety of weapons, and numerous opponents to duel.

The goal of Smokin Barrels is to shoot the targets before your opponent does. The duelist that hits the target first will damage their opponent. When one shooter loses all of their health, the duel ends. After each duel, you are allowed to save your game so you can continue the next time that you play. Keep in mind that you will lose points for continuing in this shooting game, however, so if you are going for a high score, you should complete the game in one session.

Smokin Barrels uses mouse-only controls. Move your mouse to aim and click the left mouse button to shoot. To start the round, move your mouse into the circle labeled "Safe Area" and wait for the countdown. A false start can result in a penalty, so don't draw your weapon until prompted!

You can buy better equipment before each duel in Smokin Barrels. Starting weapons and ammunition are free, but you will still have to "purchase" them before entering your first duel. You will also have to buy healing items between duels if you want to enter the next match with maximum health since you are not automatically healed between duels in this shooting game. I advise you to buy a more stable weapon and more powerful bullets as soon as possible to give yourself an edge against your opponents. You may also want to buy special items that will unlock minigames once you have earned enough money.

Smokin Barrels is not a perfect shooting game, but it is unique and has a lot of content to keep players occupied. See if you can unlock everything and earn the title, "Fastest Hands in the West" in Smokin Barrels!