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Sift With Shorty Instructions

Being an online shooting game, the controls of this game - Sift With Shorty, is a little odd for its genre. For one thing, you won't need your mouse and its left click button, which is the primary controls for most online shooting games out there. Instead, you need to use your keyboard for shooting those menacing stick figures. Use your left click button to turn the laser on and right to switch it off. The up and down directional keys, on the other hand, is for adjusting your aim. And when you are all set to fire, just hit the space bar button.

Sift With Shorty Walkthrough

The objective of the game is very simple and straightforward - just blast the heads of every armed stick figure that comes your way. If you love the whole Sift Heads series, then you want to check out Sift With Shorty. While it is true that this is NOT as exciting as the other, it's still an addition to Sift Heads line of games and it's worth the time of a Sift Heads fanatic.

Anyway, as the game's name suggests, you will be playing with Shorty - the girlfriend of the world's best bounty hunter Vinnie. Aside from being the girlfriend of Vinnie, Shorty is playing a very crucial role in the Sift Heads series. And you need to play this game to find out!

Now Sifting With Shorty is NOT as fast paced and exciting as the other installments of Sift Heads. It has more of a tower defense feel to it (odd since it's an online shooting game). It's pretty slow since you need to adjust your aim and each time you fire, the recoil displaces your aim. Quick fingers really matter here.

You may be thinking: "With all of the enemies diving for you and the adjustments, turning on and off of lasers, etc. taking a lot of time, I would be pummeled to death!" Well, that is NOT the case, You see, you have a lot of beefy HP to withstand the onslaught. Just always keep that log red bar on top of the screen in check at all times.

And one last reminder before you play the game: always aim and shoot the enemies head. I don't if it's a bug or if it's done intentionally, BUT you can't hit the enemies unless you aim for the head. Anyway, if you are looking for a Sift Heads game that's a little slower than the others BUT still action packed and bloody, Sift With Shorty is the game to pick!