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Sift Heads World: The Ultimatum Instructions

Sift Heads World: The Ultimatum is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. The mouse is used to aim, shoot, and interact with the game's interface. Follow instructions as they appear on the screen.

Sift Heads World: The Ultimatum Walkthrough

Sift Heads World: The Ultimatum is the seventh game in the Sift Heads World series, itself an offshoot of the Sift Heads series. This shooting game features outstanding stick figure graphics and a captivating story. Sift Heads World: The Ultimatum is designed for mature audiences, so parental discretion is advised for minors.

Sift Heads World: The Ultimatum once again puts you in the role of Vinnie. Your mission is to stop the deal between the Italian Mafia and the Japanese Yakuza.

Sift Heads World: The Ultimatum is a combination of adventure game and shooting game. I will help you to get started by providing a brief walkthrough for the initial phases of the game. The game starts with you making your escape from the police. You will have to stop the police cruisers from chasing you without harming the officers. Use your mouse to aim for the hood of the police cars and hold down the left mouse button to shoot. If you need to reload, press the R key. Once you have shot the hoods off of the cars, aim for the engine. Once you have done this two times, put your hands on the keyboard. Press the spacebar and the appropriate WASD key as you are prompted. Once this segment is completed, you will be back in the car as Vinnie. Use the arrow keys to steer past the police cars and through the roadblock. That was a lot of action, and the real game hasn't even started yet!

After the cutscene, you will be standing outside in the rain with your wounded girlfriend. Use your mouse to move around, similar to an adventure game. Hover your mouse over the door and click to enter. Move your mouse far to the right until the "move" cursor becomes red. Click and another cutscene will play. Walk through the door and go upstairs. Click the blinds to look through them. Select the weapon of your choice (I prefer the assault rifle) and get ready for a shootout! Use the spacebar here to take cover, and aim and shoot with the mouse. The R key reloads. Unfortunately, you cannot reload from cover. From here on, you're on your own. Good luck!

If you have been following the Sift Heads World series, then you will not want to miss its exciting conclusion, Sift Heads World: The Ultimatum. If you have not played the predecessors of this shooting game, then I advise you to play through the prior games in the series, then come back to conclude the story in Sift Heads World: The Ultimatum.