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Sift Heads World - Act 5 Instructions

Move from area to area by clicking 'move' with the left mouse button. Collect items or interact with active objects or characters by clicking with the left mouse button. Aim your weapon with the mouse. Fire your weapon with the left mouse button. Reload using 'r'. Equip your weapon using 'space'. Move left with 'a' or the left mouse button, right with 'd' or the right arrow key, up with 'w' or the up arrow key and down with 's' or the down arrow key in animation sequences.

Sift Heads World - Act 5 Walkthrough

Vinnie, Shorty and Kiro are back in Sift Heads World - Act 5; the fifth incredible chapter in the first person shooting game series Sift Heads World. In this game, the team is on a mission to recover an exotic artifact from the Amazonian rain forest. This is a marked departure from their normal head sifting missions - at least in the beginning. The real trouble begins when you are confronted by mercenaries who are out to accomplish their own missions and they aren't looking to share their profits. Before long, you find yourself once again doing what you do best - sifting heads.

While other first person shooting game series that run for more than two or three games tend to get boring or stale as the series progresses, Sift Heads World - Act 5 proves this series won't suffer the same fate. The story gets more interesting with every installment and the game always feels fresh and interesting. The action is intense and fast paced but it isn't all about shooting enemies despite what the name would suggest. There is a fair bit of thinking involved in getting through this game. You need to keep your eye open for not only enemies, but also for items you may need to collect along the way if you want to pass a mission. You need to figure out the best way to accomplish your mission without getting killed. It isn't as easy as it sounds.

The only real problem with Sift Heads World - Act 5 when compared with earlier games in the series will only be a problem depending on what you're looking for out of the game. There is far more shooting in this game when compared with previous installments which is great for those looking for lots of action. On the other hand, if you enjoyed the previous games because they involved a bit more strategic planning, you might be a bit disappointed. There is still a lot of strategy involved, but the focus here is definitely placed more on shooting.

Newcomers to first person shooting games are going to have a hard time with Sift Heads World - Act 5. There are, however, several cheats that can help beginners get through the game a bit easier. Use the cheats to help you survive longer so you can improve your skills but don't rely on them to help you beat the game. Cheat codes are a great help but they can take a lot of fun out of the game if you rely on them to heavily. The best thing about this game is really the challenge it presents. Cheating heavily robs you of that challenge. In the earliest Sift Heads World games there were far more cheats you could take advantage of, but that number has been drastically reduced. This is actually a great thing for the game. Instead of being able to become invincible, you are simply given the chance to replenish your health when you need to. Instead of having unlimited ammo, you are given the chance to refill your ammo stock. To bring up the panel to input a cheat code, type '657'. Type 'revive' for a health refill, 'reload' for an ammo refill or 'perso' to change your character. It's important to remember, 'reload' will only give you full ammo for the weapon you've equipped your character with when you enter the code.

Overall, Sift Heads World - Act 5 is another excellent addition to an excellent series. Like many of the other first person shooting games online, you will need to have sharp shooting games if you want to get through the game, but cheat codes can help if you get stuck. Beginners are going to find this game far more challenging than those with a bit more experience playing first person shooting games, but as long as you keep your eyes open, choose your weapons carefully and pay attention to your mission objective you should be able to get through the game. It might take a little time and patience, but this game is well worth the effort. If you haven't already played the first four games in this series, go back and try them out. The back story adds a lot of intrigue to the game and makes it far more addictive. If you're a fan of first person shooting games that combine lots of action with an engrossing story, you are going to love this game and this series as a whole.