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Sift Heads World - Act 4 Instructions

Move from area to area by clicking 'move' with the left mouse button. Collect items or interact with active objects or characters by clicking with the left mouse button. Aim your weapon with the mouse. Fire your weapon with the left mouse button. Reload using 'r'. Equip your weapon using 'space'. Move left with 'a' or the left mouse button, right with 'd' or the right arrow key, up with 'w' or the up arrow key and down with 's' or the down arrow key in animation sequences.

Sift Heads World - Act 4 Walkthrough

Shorty is front and center in the forth installment in the Sift Heads World Series; Sift Heads World - Act 4. One of the greatest strengths of this series has always been the story that unfolds more and more with each game and that is especially true in this one. Until now, you know very little about who Shorty is or where she came from. All you really know is that she's apparently attractive as far as stick figure women go and she's Vinnie's girl. In this game, she takes on more of the story herself which, for Shorty fans such as myself, is long overdue. The story of this game is quite simple. Shorty's sister, Claire, has tracked her down and left a letter for her addressing her by her Maiden name. As it turns out Claire is in Russia and she needs help. She's in danger and needs her sister to save her. Luckily for Claire, Shorty is ready and willing to help and Vinnie and Kiro are willing to go along to help as well. Your goal is to get to Russia and save Claire. Will things go as planned? Make it to the end of the game to find out.

Sift Heads World - Act 4 is packed with tons of action sequences, new features and all of the additional game play options you've come to love in this series. If you haven't played the original Sift Heads World games, consider going back to check them out before tackling this one. It will familiarize you with the story so far and will help you learn exactly what will be asked of you in the game. There are a few surprises in this one; the first of which you'll get as soon as you begin playing. You begin playing as Vinnie and you're in control of a helicopter. You'll need to take out the enemy plane in front of you if you want to complete the intro mission. Focus on taking out the engines. This will require fairly quick shooting and steady aim. The plane does not stay in one spot which makes things more difficult. This is a great introduction to some of the more difficult missions you'll face in the game.

Stealth is important in Sift Heads World - Act 4 as it is in many first person shooting games; although not necessarily in the earlier Sift Heads World games. Stealth is a relatively new introduction to the series (only introduced in Act 3) but it's something you're going to need to use if you want to get through this game. Because Act 4 picks up where Act 3 left off, you're not going to be able to get into the airport easily. Security is on alert and will recognize you if you're not careful. If you alert the guards to your presence, you will fail the mission. The weapons you choose to equip yourself with will also play a huge role in how successful you are. For example, in the airport mission when you first begin the game, you'll need to equip yourself with a tranquilizer gun. This goes a long way in helping you get into the airport and to the plane you need to use to get to Russia successfully.

The best way to do well in Sift Heads World - Act 4 is to pay attention to your surroundings. Keep an eye out for enemies or objects you may need to collect to get through your mission. Choose your weapons carefully as certain weapons will work better in certain situations. Make sure to reload your weapon as soon as your ammo begins to run low. For some missions, you will need to shoot as quickly as possible and won't have the time to waste on reloading. When you finally reach the end; timing is everything. Make sure you know where all the buttons are that you'll need (as a hint, you'll not be using weapons so you'll be using your 'wasd' controls) before you begin. It's fairly easy to conquer the enemy but only if you're prepared.

Sift Heads World - Act 4 offers most of the same cheats offered in the rest of the series, but see how far you can make it without using any of the cheats. The cheats can be extremely beneficial but if you use them too often is robs a lot of the difficulty from the game and makes it less fun. The great thing, though, is that there are cheats you can use at all if you feel the need to use them. Many of the first person shooting games online don't offer cheats so at least knowing you have the option makes this game that much more appealing. To open the panel to enter your cheat code type '657' in that order. A box will appear for you to type in your code. To replenish your health, type 'revive'. To replenish your supply of ammo, type 'reload'. To change your character type 'perso'. While it may not seem changing characters will be that beneficial to your overall performance in the game; each character offers his or her own strengths and weaknesses. Try playing as different characters to see which one you're most comfortable playing as.

Overall, Sift Heads World - Act 4 is one of the best games in the Sift Heads World series and one of the best first person shooting games online. Newcomers to the series will be able to pick up the story fairly quickly, but if you want to enjoy the game to the fullest, go back to the beginning. Although you can choose to skip the story parts of the game, take a few moments to read them. They're well worth it. They add a lot of depth to the game many first person shooting games ignore. The shooting may be a bit difficult for beginners while more experienced players may find it a bit on the easy side. The story is entertaining enough to keep things interesting for even the most experienced players. This is a game everyone can enjoy regardless of skill or experience level.