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Sift Heads World - Act 1 Instructions

Move from room to room by clicking 'move' with the left mouse button. Collect items or interact with objects or characters by clicking with the left mouse button. Aim your weapon with the mouse. Fire your weapon with the left mouse button. Reload using 'r'. Equip your weapon using 'space'. Move left with 'a' or the left mouse button, right with 'd' or the right arrow key, up with 'w' or the up arrow key and down with 's' or the down arrow key in animation sequences.

Sift Heads World - Act 1 Walkthrough

Vinnie's back for more head sifting madness is Sift Heads World - Act 1, an excellent first person shooting game that allows you to play as Vinnie, the sexy for a stick figure girl, Shorty or Vinnie's new pal Kiro. Each character offers his or her own strengths and weaknesses so choose your character wisely. Personally, I like Shorty. She has fairly good endurance and precision and is the best sharp shooter out of all of the characters making her ideal for a diversion. That said, Vinnie offers the best precision out of the three while Kiro offers the best endurance. Which character you choose is entirely up to you. Each character is able to complete every mission in the game. It just might take a few more tries with some of them.

The premise behind Sift Heads World - Act 1 is pretty much the same as the premise behind the other games in this series and most other first person shooting games online. You need to complete mission after mission until you beat the game. You have ten main missions to complete as well as ten side missions you can choose to take on throughout the game which is really what makes this game so different from most of the other first person shooting games online. The side missions add a little meat to the game, but they're not the end of the bonus fun this game offers. You'll need to explore two cities to find your side missions, but you'll find a lot of extra things along the way. Keep your eye out for arcades and game platforms. Most of these things (the working ones at least) will give you the chance to play entertaining mini games within the main game. One of these game platforms is in the safe house and gives you access to an arcade style shooting game. Give is a shot and see what you can get for a high score. There's also a room for target practice in the safe house which allows you to sharpen your shooting skills before you take on the real bad guys.

The character customization options in Sift Heads World - Act 1 are a great addition to the series. Although they were introduced in an earlier game, you can customize all three characters. Check out the customization options for Shorty. They're pretty great. Allowing you to change your character's clothes makes the game more entertaining and gives it a more personal feel. This is something a lot of first person shooting games ignore almost entirely and is just one of the things that makes this game so appealing. It isn't all about shooting people and taking out bad guys. It isn't all a story of revenge and chaos. There are some aspects of this game that make it much deeper than that and that keep you wanting to play level after level. The story isn't phenomenal, but the game certainly is, even if only for the little added touches sprinkled throughout the game. The shooting is still difficult. You have fourteen different weapons you can choose from by the end, but there are going to be some missions you need to retry several times before you can complete them; even with the most advanced weapons. That's really this game's greatest strength. While there are a lot of extras to enjoy, they makes of this game didn't sacrifice the challenge of the game itself. It's a hard one, but well worth the effort.

Like many of the other games in the Sift Heads series, but unlike many other first person shooting games, there are several cheat codes you can use in Sift Heads World - Act 1 to make the game a little easier. More experienced players likely won't need to use these cheats, but they can be quite beneficial to newcomers to the genre. To input a cheat code during the game press '6', '5', and '7' - in that order - using the number keys on your keyboard. This will bring up the cheat panel. All you need to do from there is type in the cheat code you want to use. 'Revive' will give you a complete energy refill. 'Reload' will reload the gun you are using to max ammo. 'Perso' will allow you to change your character. While previous games offered invincibility and unlimited ammo, this one has chosen to do things a little differently. For those that are familiar with the older games in the series, the temptation when things got more difficult was to put in as many cheat codes as you could and sail through to the end of the game. That isn't possible with this incarnation and the game is much, much better for it.

Overall, Sift Heads World - Act 1 is one of the best first person shooting games online simply because it so flawlessly combines fun, action and challenge without letting any of the above suffer. It's also a game that anyone can play and enjoy regardless of skill or experience level. Beginners are probably going to have a hard time with the shooting in the game, but should be able to improve significantly by playing around in the target practice room. More experienced players might for the shooting aspects of the game a little bit on the easy side, but the game offers enough extras and enough missions to tackle, that experienced players will have something to keep them entertained even if the shooting lacks difficulty. Play without using the cheat codes as often as you can, stay on your toes and make sure you carefully look around every room you find yourself in. There are hidden items throughout the game you'll need to collect if you wan to progress. Keep your eyes open as you explore. You don't want to have to revisit the same places over and over again to find something you missed.