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Sift Heads 5 Instructions

Move by clicking an arrow with the left mouse button. Aim your weapon with the mouse. Fire with the left mouse button. Change weapons with 'space'. Reload your weapon by pressing 'r'.

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Loaded with lots of action, difficult missions, custom clothes, new weapons and useful cheats, assassin Vinnie is back and ready to take out more bad guys in Sift Heads 5. This time, however, Vinnie has a blood thirsty assassin on his tail trying to hunt him down and take him out. It seems sifting heads is a great way to make enemies. Fueled by vengeance and rage, this assassin will stop at nothing to take Vinnie out for good. Take out your targets and pass mission while avoiding getting killed in this action packed first person shooting game.

Sift Heads 5 isn't a game that requires you to just aim and shoot. There's actually a fair bit of thinking involved when you're tackling a mission. Like many of the other first person shooting games that have come along in the last few years, the missions in this game are carefully worded to give you clues as to who your target is. Shoot the wrong person and you'll fail the mission. Failing a mission isn't necessarily the end of the world as you can simply retry it, but there's little more annoying than getting stuck on a level you have to retry again and again because you missed one piece of information that would've made all the difference. Reread the mission if you're having trouble completing a mission. Chances are there's something you didn't consider. There isn't a single level in this game that can't be beaten. If you are feeling stuck, look around the level and see if there are any objects you can interact with. You'll figure it out with enough time and patience.

One thing that Sift Heads 5 offers that most of the other first person shooting games don't is the ability to cheat should you feel so inclined. Some of the cheat codes are incredibly beneficial. Other are just plain awesome. Newcomers to this sort of game may want to use the cheat codes to get through some of the more difficult mission but remember, half of the fun in this game is the challenge it presents. Take away that challenge and the game isn't nearly as fun. Only consider using the cheat codes if you're completely stuck on a level and are frustrated to the point you want to quit. If you followed the story line at all, you know this is a game you want to reach the end of.

If you want to unlock all of the weapons available throughout the game at the beginning of the game, use cheat code 'weal'. For unlimited ammo for your weapons, use cheat code 'amin'. To become invincible, use cheat code 'lein'. For rapid fire, the cheat code is 'fira'. For more stability in your weapon when you're making a shot, use cheat code 'stmo'. To get more money, use 'camo'. You can also use other cheat codes to make the game more interesting. For 'sexy shorty' type 'shna'. To wear a random costume, type 'cone'. You can also skip the intro shooting by pressing 'i'. The cheat code that allows you to access every area in the game is a bit more complicated. You need to type 'aeac' in the 'password' section of the main menu then press 'm' while playing.

What really makes Sift Heads 5 so difficult is the fact that even as you're on a mission or are looking for your new mission, the answers aren't always obvious. Sometimes you really need to look for the next clue and that can cause a lot of people to become frustrated. Once you find the answers you're looking for and know where you need to go, you're probably going to need to shoot fast if you want to survive. Taking out the big boys isn't always easy. You're going to need good weapons and have decent shooting skills. This is where newcomers to first person shooting games might have a bit of trouble. Stick with it though. You will be able to get through it if you try a few times. More experienced players probably aren't going to run into many problems with the shooting in the first few missions, but as you progress in the game, things get much more difficult. If you find yourself in need of new weapons, you're going to need to complete a few missions to earn some money and then visit the gun shop. If you want to beat the game, you are going to need to buy new weapons eventually but your basic gun should be enough to get through the first part of the game. Don't waste your money in the beginning of the game. Save it for later when you're facing off against enemies you'll need new guns to take out.

Overall, Sift Heads 5 is an excellent first person shooting game that is more than enough to please fans of the series of fans of this genre of game. Although things start off fairly simply, the game really picks up as you play. The best way to get through this game is to just keep your eyes open for objects you can interact with and to read your mission objectives carefully. Don't kill innocent people or you'll fail your mission. Don't give up on missions you just don't think you can beat. Think creatively, look around at your environment and take some time to try to figure out what you need to do. You'll get through the game and when you see the conclusion, you'll know it was worth the effort!