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Sift Heads 4 Instructions

Aim at mission targets with your mouse, shoot by clicking the left mouse button, and switch to your secondary weapon by pressing spacebar. If you're not sure what the mission objective is, click on the options menu, and then "objective" to see what you have to do. As you complete missions, you'll gain more cash - and eventually have access to world-class weapons.

Sift Heads 4 Walkthrough

Vinnie stars yet again in this fourth Sift Heads game - this time, however, he's out of work in the states - so he's working internationally. With eight worldwide locations to choose from (some having multiple missions), you're sure to have just has much fun in the international assassin circuit; so what are you waiting for?

Sift Heads 4 starts out like any other shooting game - easy. But, as you complete missions, and unlock more difficult ones, the game gets progressively more difficult - and you'll have to think outside the box more and more if you want to keep completing them.

Or, if you've never played an assassination-themed shooting game before, you should start out with the easiest level in Sift Heads 4 - the mission in Vancouver, Canada. In it, you're near the top of a mountain path, and the objective of your mission is to assassinate an old man - but you have to make it look like an accident. So, after you've looked around, you'll notice a large rock overhang that will fall if you shoot it. Simply shoot the old man, as he's walking, to make him fall, and then shoot the rock to fall on him - and make it look like an accident.

A majority of the other missions will take that same line of clever thinking to complete - but, as you get more cash, you'll have better weapons to work with. All in all, Sift Heads 4 is a great shooting game with gameplay you won't find anywhere else. If you beat it, there are always other Sift Head games to choose from- and they're definitely worth checking out as well.