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Sift Heads 0 Instructions

The controls of Sift Heads 0 is very straightforward - use the mouse for moving the scope around the screen. And when you are ready to make the shot (throw stones at targerts, fire the gun, etc.), just hit the left click button. HOWEVER, this game takes more than knowing how to point and shoot as you will see later and when you play the game.

Sift Heads 0 Walkthrough

Sift Heads 0 - if you are a huge fan of the Sift Heads series,you will surely love this online shooting game! For one thing, this game shows you the start of Vinnie's journey, how he came to be the world's best bounty hunter and gun slinger. And more importantly, how he became the worst enemy of criminal organizations that even cops can't stop!

It takes more than nice sniping and shooting skills to play this game. I mean, think about it, he became the world's best bounty hunter...killing heads of criminal organizations and gangs when the law enforcement groups can't even get near these guys. Your decision making skills, patience, and thinking outside of the box are more important than having a steady hand. This is not a game where spamming the fire button would get the job done.

In Sift Heads 0, just like in the sequels of the game, you can't be trigger happy. One missed shot could mean the end of it. It could mean failing the mission and you need to start from square one.

This game comes with 6 missions - (1) The Death Of Mobo (2) This Is My Drive (3) A School Lesson (4) Alcohol Test Drive (5) The First Contact and the most mind boggling of all missions in this online shooting game - (6) A Legend Is Born.

How would you kill a hiding cat when you are just a baby and you are hindered by your high chair? How would you get rid of your math teacher without attracting suspicion and making it look like an accident? What about killing your prosecutors while driving when you are drunk?

These are just some of the challenges you need to ponder about and overcome when you play Sift Heads 0. Worry NOT though, there will be hints on the screen to help you get through the stage. YES, this isn't your average shooting game. Picking clues how to finish a level just by looking at the area is a must-have skill in Sift Heads 0.

Discover how Vinnie came to be and why he is feared by the most notorious outlaws in town. Play Sift Heads 0 and find out!