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Sierra 7 Instructions

The controls of Sierra 7 is very straightforward and easy to pick up. Heck! You don't even need to use the W, A, S, and D keys. Nah, not even the up, left, right, and down directional keys. Just 2 things to note: use your mouse to aim your weapon against the enemy. Hit the left click button to shoot and that's it. When you are prompted to open doors, the space bar should get the job done. Press R to reload and Q to change or cycle weapons. Nothing fancy...nothing complicated as far as controls go.

Sierra 7 Walkthrough

First person shooting games - Counter Strike, Half Life, etc. - who would forget these games? If only someone is good enough to create flash and browser based first person shooting games like those, things would be so much better. Well, here's the good news: Simon Hanson doesn't mess around. And he gives us just that: Sierra 7. This is a first person shooter, which puts you in the shoes of a special operative in the Sierra Unit.

Now, this is NOT one of your average shooting games. For one thing, this game isn't just a shooter. It's a rail shooter to be EXACT! Now what the heck does that mean? You may ask. Well, that means you don't need to be bothered about moving your character to and fro. Remember the game Time Crisis? The game takes care of everything for you. It takes you along a predetermined course and all you have to do is point, shoot, reload, open doors, rinse and repeat. BUT you better be good at it as the enemies in this game can be unforgiving.

Sierra 7 comes with 7 missions to play (the tuts don't count though) and before you can start one, you can click on Loadout. This allows you to choose which of the weapons you have unlocked you will use. You can come in with your machine guns blazing a la Rambo or you can set the scene ablaze like McClane. It's all up to you. In any case, when you are all set, just hit Execute to start your selected mission. You need to complete a mission within a certain time limit to get to the next stage. And keep in mind: don't get killed and get through it in one piece!

Things I Love About Sierra 7: the game play is faily realistic. Sink a bullet in one of your enemy's head and he goes down. Guns - they behave and load realistically. And best of all, not every enemy comes with a magical scoping laser headshot vision when they fire at you. There's also a level where you need to snipe certain targets from afar. In this stage, you need to take in consideration many factors. Stuff like wind speed and direction, which brings the game a notch or two closer to reality.

Also, to make the game even more challenging, the enemy locations are pretty randomized. It also takes ut the sting of having to replay a level when your check point is way back and earlier in the g ame.

Now, things don't get really difficult until the last couple of levels. BUT don't take it easy unless you want your head to end up looking like Swiss cheese. The game play is fairly smooth though there are some minor bugs along the way. More levels would be more than welcome. All in all, though, Sierra 7 is one of the more impressive shooting games you can lay your hands on.