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Saturday Night Bloodfest Instructions

Nothing really complex about the controls - use the W, A, S, and D to move around the screen and use your mouse to shoot down enemies. That's about it for the controls.

Saturday Night Bloodfest Walkthrough

If you are on the hunt for shooting games that can get really bloody and action packed, this shooting game and platformer from Weasel is one that you have to check out. This game showcases non stop blasting action game play through a bird's eye view. Starting off with a single pistol as you weapon, you need to decimate waves and waves of up and coming enemies. You need to collect points and access the upgrade shop to beef up your firepower. And believe me, you are going to need it!

The game can get really hard to beat especially during your first few tries. BUT after getting a hang of it, this game is non stop shooting fun. You can find walkthroughs, hacks, and cheats out there. BUT I don't dig them. They take away the fun factor. Instead, I'm going to give you some nice tips and tricks (especially in the weapons upgrade department)...

WEAPONS - Upgrading weapons and choosing the best path which is suitable for your style is essential to get higher body count, get more blood, and move on to new rooms. Shooting enemies and filling the blood meter will grant you more weapon points to spend on... well, weapons, health upgrades, as well as score bonuses.

One thing to keep in mind about the weapons - you can only go one way. Once you have upgraded to a new weapon, you can only move forward from there. So here are the different weapon trees you have at your disposal:

Handgun Tree: You start off with the basic handgun - one that is semi automatic and low damage. You can then upgrade it to Magnum and Dual Magnums. These are highly powerful, semi automatic, but comes with low capacity. Upgrading to Dual Machine Pistols give you VERY high rate of fire, nearly instantenous reloads, but they have low damage.

Laser Tree: In this weapon tree, you start off with a laser pistol - really fast rate of fire BUT low damage. This can be upgraded to a laser rifle, which has a low rate of fire BUT deals quite a lot of damage... not to mention the laser penetrates through multiple enemies. If that's not enough go for the laser cannon. This comes with hih damage BUT low rate of fire - sort of an upgraded laser rifle. And last BUT not the least, we have the laser gatling gun - high rate of fire, high damage, BUT the laser doesn't penetrate multiple enemies.

Rifle Tree: First in this tree is the SMG. Pretty average on rate of fire and damage, BUT 100 percent automatic. Next, we have the assault rifle. Fast rate of fire and deals good damage too. The next upgrade, the Light Machine Gun, grants you with very fast rate of fire, good damage, large magazine, BUT unfortunately, it comes with a slow reload speed. And the best rifle of them all - the Battle Rifle. This comes with excellent damage and average rate of fire.