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SAS: Zombie Assault 2 - Insane Asylum Instructions

Walk amount the dead with the WASD or arrow keys - use the Q and E keys to swap through your available weapons, and press the G key when you want to throw a grenade (although they're uncommon, so use them sparingly). As you kill zombies, you'll gain experience and cash - hit the spacebar to spend your hard-earned money on new weapons, while gained experience will let you level up and unlock new skills.

SAS: Zombie Assault 2 - Insane Asylum Walkthrough

SAS: Zombie Assault 2 - Insane Asylum is a sequel, and one you'll want to play much more than the original. Although the most of the features in the first game are intact, there's a huge new area to explore - and you'll find that some of the fine details of this shooting game are vastly different. It's enough to warrant a sequel, but no gamer really needs an excuse to shoot zombies all day.

Because that's what you'll be doing in this shooting game. The premise is simple: you're in a base that's fending off the dead, except you're alone, and you have to take care of it yourself. You'll start out with only a handgun, but as you unlock other parts of the base (for a monetary fee), you'll be able to purchase new weapons and features that you'll desperately need.

One of the most important things keeping the undead from eating you alive are the barriers planted in key locations all around your base. Zombies will swarm near them, since it's the only way to get to your character, so it's a great place to snipe zombies. But, barriers get damaged, and eventually destroyed, so it's important to run up to them every once and a while and hit the F key. If a barrier isn't there, it'll be replaced, and if the barrier was damaged, it'll be fixed.

With an in-depth experience system you won't find in any other shooting game, SAS: Zombie Assault 2 - Insane Asylum is one epic zombie game. Try and horde as much cash and gain as much experience as you can to fight for your life. And, although the hordes and waves of the undead may seem endless, with some of the guns you'll eventually be able to unlock, you'll be able to survive for quite some time.