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Rot Gut Instructions

Rot Gut is controlled by using the keyboard. The arrow keys (or WASD keys) are used to move. Use the spacebar to shoot and the R key to reload your current weapon. The down arrow keys (or S key) switches weapons.

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Rot Gut is a noir-styled shooting game set in the Prohibition Era of the 1920's. This platform game features sprite graphics, 8-bit audio, and captivating gameplay!

In Rot Gut, you portray an undercover detective on a mission to put an end to the criminal activities of the city's underground. In terms of gameplay, this means avoiding traps, killing the bad guys, and finding the exit. You are granted with unlimited lives, but if your character is killed, you will have to restart the level from its beginning. Your progress is not saved in this shooting game, so you will have to start from the beginning if you end your gaming session.

Rot Gut uses a simple keyboard control scheme. You can use wither the WASD keys or arrow keys to move your character. The spacebar is used to shoot your current weapon, and the R key is used to reload it. Press the S key or the down arrow key to switch between weapons. If you have a gamepad and a program that can make it emulate keystrokes (such as JoytToKey), then you might want to use it since it would be perfect for this retro-style platformer.

Since you have unlimited lives in Rot Gut, collecting one-hundred coins for a 1-UP would be pointless. You can, however, collect coins to purchase health and ammunition at vending machines found throughout the game. Purchasing health and ammo can be the difference between life and death in this shooting game, so stock up on coins so you will be able to afford these items! Coins can be found by breaking open barrels, crates, and other destroyable objects. You do not have access to a crowbar in this platform game, so you will have to blast them open; try to use your pistol so that you don't waste ammo!

Rot Gut combines elements of film noir with retro-style platforming to create an amazing gameplay experience. See if you can clean up the city in this thrilling shooting game!