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Robokill 2 Instructions

Robokill 2 is controlled by using the keyboard and mouse. The mouse is used to aim and the left mouse button is used to shoot. The player's movement is controlled by using the arrow keys or WASD keys. The I key may be used to quickly access the inventory screen, and the M key may be used to quickly access the map screen. The P key pauses the game.

Robokill 2 Walkthrough

Robokill 2 is the sequel to Robokill. Like its predecessor, it is a top-down shooting game with role playing game elements. Robokill 2 features the same exciting gameplay, sounds, voice acting, and stunning visuals as its predecessor, and continues where the story of the first left off. This time, instead of dealing with a deadly robot invasion, you must fend off a species of vicious alien lizards.

The objective of Robokill 2 is to clear rooms filled with enemies. Like its predecessor, Robokill 2 features a slew of rooms to uncover, with throngs of enemies, goodies, and traps. This time around, you must also be careful not to fall off of the edges of platforms, since this spells instant death!

The role playing game elements of the first Robokill are back in Robokill 2, providing a wonderful addition to the run-and-gun action of this shooting game. The weapons and items from the previous game are back, so you can recreate your favorite configuration from the first Robokill, if you so choose, or experiment with a new setup. I recommend using a mixture of hard-hitting weapons with rapid-fire weapons. This allows you to inflict massive damage while still maintaining a steady stream of fire upon your enemies.

As is the case in the first Robokill, you are given unlimited lives in Robokill 2. Dying will simply teleport you back to the nearest checkpoint, replenish your health, and punish you by decrementing your money and making the enemies reclaim some of the rooms. To avoid dying, remember to take cover, move often, and try to avoid traps and falls. The AI has been improved in Robokill 2, however, and some enemies will use these same tactics against you!

If you loved the first Robokill, you'll want to play Robokill 2 for more action. Newcomers to the series will also enjoy the entertainment value that this outstanding shooting game has to offer!