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Robokill Instructions

Robokill is controlled by using the keyboard and mouse. The mouse is used to aim and the left mouse button is used to shoot. The player's movement is controlled by using the arrow keys or WASD keys. The I key may be used to quickly access the inventory screen, and the M key may be used to quickly access the map screen. The P key pauses the game.

Robokill Walkthrough

Robokill is a shooting game presented from a top-down perspective. The game features superb graphics, incredible voice acting, and wonderful sound effects and music. Robokill features four episodes of three missions each (with the exception of Episode 1, which contains four missions).

The objective of Robokill is to destroy enemy robots that have infested the Mars colony of Titan Prime. Each level of the game features numerous rooms to be explored, each filled with enemies to be defeated, items and loot to be collected, and the occasional trap! Advancing through rooms and collecting keys adds a role playing element to this shooting game. In fact, Robokill also features a shop, map, and inventory where you may equip collected items. Advancing from room to room also yields experience, which can be used to unlock weapons and gadgets that can be equipped to give you a fighting chance against your enemies.

Robokill gives you four slots in which you can equip weapons, and four slots in which you may equip items or gadgets. To access this screen, either click the inventory button in the lower right of the screen, or press the I key. Click and drag items from your inventory to the desired slot. Items may also be bought or sold in shops. Experiment with various weapons to see which configuration you like, but I recommend an arsenal that mixed hard-hitting weapons with rapid fire weapons so that you can deal a lot of damage while still maintaining a steady stream of fire on enemies.

Robokill is a difficult game, but it is forgiving. You have unlimited lives, but if you die, you are returned to the nearest checkpoint with full health, and the enemy robots will reconquer some of the rooms that you have previously cleared. In order to avoid death, it is best to take cover, and constantly move around. Circle-strafing may be a useful tactic in some cases. Also, some rooms feature spawners that will generate enemy robots, similar to those featured in the Gauntlet series. It is advisable to destroy these first, or you will find yourself swarmed with enemies.

Robokill is an extremely well-polished jewel of a shooting game. The first episode alone will provide a lengthy challenge for fans of shooting games!