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Ricochet Kills: PP Instructions

Line up the angle of your shot with the mouse. Fire your shot with the left mouse button.

Ricochet Kills: PP Walkthrough

Ricochet Kills: PP is at once one of the most entertaining and one of the most frustrating shooting games online. It isn't like most of the more traditional shooting games available on the internet. While most other games in the genre will give you a gun, put you on a tower or in a base and challenge you to shoot your enemies as they attack, your enemies in this game are stationary. They aren't attacking you and trying to take you out with weapons of their own. Your goal is the same as it would be in most other games in the genre; kill all your enemies. It's really the way you go about killing your enemies that sets this game apart. You need to use angles and ricochet your shots off various barriers and obstacles to achieve your objective. It sounds pretty simple. Things are a bit more complicated than they seem at first glance. Each level gets increases in difficulty challenging you to take out targets in harder to reach places and requiring you to take out more than one enemy with a single shot. The first few levels are pretty basic which is great. The simplicity of the beginning of the game allows you to get used to how the game is played. This gives you the basic idea of how you'll get through the much more difficult levels later on.

In Ricochet Kills: PP, you only have ten shots to use to take out all of the targets on the screen. That shouldn't really pose much of a problem in the beginning of the game with ten bullets being more than enough to accomplish your goal. Later on, though, a ten bullet limit is really going to make it harder to get through a level. The key is to really pay attention to the obstacles around you. Look at your targets and where you need your bullet to go. Analyze all of the options you have. Obstacles can be a huge help in this game allowing you to ricochet your bullets in a variety of directions. They can also be a serious hindrance, blocking your shot and making you waste bullets you can't afford to waste. Look for a solution that will take out multiple targets at once. This is possible in almost all of the levels in the game. The easiest way is to take out multiple enemies who are standing either in a straight line or in a line inclining upwards. Try to guess the path of the bullet using your mouse. Estimate what obstacles it will hit and what direction it will bounce. It might not always go exactly as you planned, but it will give you an idea of where to aim.

Unlike most other shooting games online, missed shots in Ricochet Kills: PP are a great way to learn and improve. If you miss your target with one shot, pay attention to where the bullet it and how far off your mark you were. Adjust your next shot according to that. Try aiming further back or forward on the obstacle or wall you used for angling the shot. If you're at the end of an obstacle and have no room to shoot further back or forward, look around at the other obstacles and see where you're going wrong. Every single puzzle placed before you in this game is solvable. It might just take a few tries. If you use all ten shots you don't lose the game and you won't have to start over from the beginning. Just hit the 'reset' button at the bottom left of the screen and try again. All of the enemies you've already taken out will reappear, but you'll also have ten more shots to try again. With enough practice and patience, you'll solve it eventually.

The great thing about Ricochet Kills: PP is that it really challenges you to think and use your brain to solve the puzzles in each level. This is a shooting game for someone that is looking for something you wouldn't find in more traditional shooting games. This is also a shooting game that can be played by anyone regardless of skill or experience level. Beginners and more experienced shooting game players start on equal footing with this one. This is one of the few shooting games that doesn't give those with experience and edge over newcomers to the genre. It's important to remember though, this isn't a game for those that are easily frustrated or don't like thinking about what they're doing in a game. This one requires you to think. If that's not the type of game you're looking for, it might be best to look elsewhere. In addition, there are several levels later in the game that can feel absolutely impossible which can get quite frustrating. Some levels are going to need to be reset over and over again before they can be conquered. It takes a little bit of patience to get through this one. If you don't have it, you're going to have a much harder time with this game.

Overall, Ricochet Kills: PP is a thinking man's shooting game. It's the type of game that offers an excellent challenge to anyone willing to take it. Patience and logic are rewarded. Frustration is punished. Getting through this game becomes much more difficult if you lose your temper with it. Pay attention. That's the most important thing. Look at where your shots are going. Look at what's working in a level and what isn't. Learn from your mistakes and use what you learn to make better, smarter choices. If you're a fan of shooting games, logic games or puzzle games, you need to try Ricochet Kills: PP.