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Ricochet Kills 2 Instructions

Just like its predecessor and other shooting games out on the internet, Ricochet Kills 2's control scheme is very easy to handle. Nothing complex or fancy about it. For the most part, you will use your mouse (specifically the left click button). Shoot and watch those bullets ricochet... bounce from one wall to another and kill everyone in sight!

Ricochet Kills 2 Walkthrough

So you are someone who has been captivated by the myth of that trick shooting sharpshooter? Yeah? Well, such legends have been around since before the first Sergio Leone westerns. Robocop continued the myth and those are just to name a few. Who could forget Clint Eastwood's eyes narrowing before pulling off an impossible shot? I'm pretty sure you have dreamed of pulling off the same stunt.

Here's the good news fellas: Mibix has created the perfect flash game that will fulfill those dreams of impossible shots! Welcome to Ricochet Kills 2 - a very polished and refined version of the original game. For those who haven't played the first game, the idea here is to kill everyone in sight using bouncing bullets.

Ricochet Kills 2 keeps pretty much the same controls as the first one. Just like in the first installment, you are a duster wearing and mysterious gunman who stands in the corner of the screen. Your task is to pull off complicated trick shots - shooting from an angle and making those bullets bounce off of girders... and ultimately hitting multiple targets (and turning them into bloody chunks). What made the game challenging is that you cannot move. You need to shoot from your starting point and you need to figure out hwo to make those bullets bounce and hit.

Oh, one more thing. Your ammo is very limited so don't go trigger happy in this game. Make sure every shot counts... especially in the latter levels.

Now, it may sound very simplistic BUT you just have to try out this game. Bullets bouncing off of corners, hitting walls, hitting people, exploding barrels, etc. is a heck lot of fun and very satisfying. Coming right at you with 50 levels, this is one of those shooting games that will keep you busy for quite some time. You will have to pull of shots of increasing level of difficulty. Heck! You even need to stave off death yourself. True, you cannot be hit by your own bullets... but the girders, barrels, crates, etc. that your bullets hit will kill you.

The Level Editor: For those of you who are very hooked up with the game and who find the 50 levels a let down and want for more, the level editor is where the fun is at. With the level editor, you can create your own maps, play on them, and share them with friends.

The first couple of levels in Ricochet Kills 2 is very easy. HOWEVER, you will be surprised at how engaging and enjoyable it gets in the later levels. And you will surely have those moments where the bullet bounces in an unexpected direction and destroys everyone in the screen. What a lovely sight to behold!